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Six Points About Tattoo Removal


Tattoos can be elaborate artworks. Many of them have been given meaning and beauty. They can express indelible memories, or they can be a tribute to important people in your life. In other words, people sometimes change their views on tattoos, and sometimes even have a few tattoos.


Now, most people know the existence of laser tattoo procedures, but not everyone knows how effective they are. Laser tattoo removal can actually restore your skin, so you will no longer live in regret tattooing you changed your mind.

So, if you are thinking about removing tattoos so you can start over, Q-switched ND YAG laser suppliers have some things that need you to know here.

1. Laser tattoo removal has made great progress

The laser has the unique ability to decompose skin pigments with a high-intensity light beam. They are very effective. Over time, the laser became more versatile and powerful. This means that we can remove a variety of tattoos, whether it is a large or small tattoo, a black tattoo, or a color tattoo, a simple tattoo, or a complex tattoo.

2.  It truly will give you a clean skin

When you have completed all the laser tattoo removal procedures, you will revert to the original, blank canvas for your skin. You will not leave any residual pigment or "shadow" on the skin, so you can rest assured that your tattoo removal is complete and complete.

3. It is safe

Laser tattoo removal has almost no risk and is much safer than other methods of tattoo removal, such as ablation or Sarabras surgery.

4. It’ll take a few sessions

Laser tattoo removal is not a once and for all process. Each treatment removes 50% of the pigment from the skin, so in the first 2 to 3 treatments, you will see the greatest reduction in ink. The remaining sessions will ensure that we get rid of any "shadows" or residual pigment. Once we know how complicated your tattoo removal will be, we can spend some time with you.


5. It might hurt

Now that you have experienced the pain of tattooing, we believe this process will be an instant for you. We will apply a local anesthetic cream to the tattoo area to make the tattoo more comfortable, but there is no need for sedation or injection of an anesthetic.

6. Recovery takes 1 to 2 weeks

The time it takes for your skin to recover will vary depending on the size of the tattoo, but you can expect to fully recover within 1 to 2 weeks. Yes-in those years, those unwanted tattoos can be rid of just a few treatments and a few days of recovery.

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