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  • Diamond Ice Sculpture body slimming
  • Diamond Ice Sculpture body slimming
  • Diamond Ice Sculpture body slimming
  • Diamond Ice Sculpture body slimming
  • Diamond Ice Sculpture body slimming

Diamond Ice Sculpture body slimming

It’s an instrument with selective and non-invasive freezing methods to reduce local fat
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Diamond Ice Sculpture fat freezing

Product description

Welcome to choose our latest product, the diamond ice sculpture instrument.It adopts advanced 360° surround controllable cooling + vacuum negative pressure technology. It’s an instrument with selective and non-invasive freezing methods to reduce local fat.Originated from the research and invention of Harvard University in the United States, the technology has passed FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), South Korea KFDA and CE (European Safety Certification Mark) certification, and has been widely used in clinical applications in the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries.As fat cells are sensitive to low temperature, the triglycerides in fat will change from liquid to solid at 5℃, crystallize and age, and then induce fat cell apoptosis, but do not damage other subcutaneous cells (such as epidermal cells, black cells). Cells, dermal tissue and nerve fibers).Cold diamond ice sculpture is a safe and non-invasive treatment method that does not affect normal work, does not require surgery, does not require anesthesia, does not require medication, and has no side effects.It’s equipped with six replaceable silicone treatment heads. The treatment heads of different shapes and sizes are flexible and ergonomic,so as to adapt to the whole body contour treatment.The treatment of body parts include double chin, arms, bra wrinkles, abdomen and waist, buttocks (banana under buttocks), thighs, etc.And is equipped with two handles for independent control or synchronous work.When the treatment head of the Cryolipolysis instrument is placed on the skin surface of the selected area of the human body, the vacuum negative pressure technology built in the treatment head will capture the subcutaneous tissue of the selected area, and then conduct selective cooling,so that the selected subcutaneous adipose tissue will be cooled to about 5 ℃ to - 10 ℃,so that the adipocytes will crystallize and age, and the crystallized adipocytes will gradually apoptosis within 2-6 weeks,Then through the autologous lymphatic system and liver metabolism, 20-27% of the stubborn fat can be eliminated at one time, so as to achieve the weight loss shaping effect without surgery, no bleeding, no recovery period to eliminate fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Diamond Ice Sculpture body slimming

Working mechanism

The ideal temperature - 9 ℃ which can induce adipocyte apoptosis is cooling energy to achieve non-invasive and powerful lipid-lowering.Different from adipocyte necrosis, adipocyte apoptosis is a natural form of cell death. It is to maintain the stability of the internal environment. Cells die in an autonomous and orderly manner, thereby effectively reducing fat cells without causing damage to surrounding tissues.

Diamond Ice Sculpture body slimming

Product advantages and features

1. 15-inch touch screen; dual-channel frozen grease; dual treatment heads can work independently.

2. The temperature can be controlled; the five-stage adsorption intensity can be adjusted; the treatment time can be set.

3. Quick and easy replacement of the treatment head, one "press" and one "install"; the treatment head is made of soft medical silica gel (medical rubber material, soft and comfortable to the touch, safe, colorless and odorless), and the whole treatment process is comfortable and convenient.

4. The 360-degree surround cooling technology is different from the traditional double-sided cooling method, which can increase the efficiency by 18.1%. The cooling liquid is injected into the entire treatment probe to more effectively remove fat cells.

5. According to the connection of each cooling treatment head, the system will automatically identify the recommended parameters of each treatment head, so as to efficiently realize the effect of body carving and reduce excess fat cells.

A variety of professional customized probes, perfect body contour

Diamond Ice Sculpture body slimming

Before and After

Diamond Ice Sculpture body slimming


Product Name

Diamond ice sculpture cryolipolysis machine

Display Screen

15 inch large LCD touch screen

Cooling Temperature

1-5 gears (cooling temperature 1 to - 11℃)

Heating Temperature

0-4 gears (preheating for 3 minutes, heating temperature 37 to 45 ℃)

Vacuum Suction

1-5 gears (10-50Kpa)

Setting Time

1-99min (default 60min)

Input Voltage


Output Power




Host size


Packing Size


Gross Weight

About 38Kg