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Order Co2 Laser Beauty Machine made by top co2 laser machine manufacturer founded in 1999, with its focus on various cosmetic clicnic beauty machines,factory price,long warranty.Start your beauty journey,Inquiry now!
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Fractional CO2 laser medical & beauty machine for scar removal / wrinkle removal / vaginal tighten /skin rejuvenation treatment

Medical Co2 Laser Machine Co2 Fractional With Ce Co2 Fractional Laser scar removal

Working Principle

The theory of selective photothermy and decomposition is an extent of traditional photothermy. Integrating merits of both invasive and non-invasive treatment, CO2 fractional laser machine has fast and clear curative effects, minor side effects and short recovery time.The treatment with CO2 laser refers to acting on skin with micro-holes; three areas including thermal desquamation, thermal coagulation and thermal effects are formed. A series of biochemical reactions will occur to skin and stimulate skin in self-healing. Skin firming, tendering and colored spot removal effect can be achieved. Since the fractional laser treatment only covers part of skin tissues and new macro-holes will not be overlapped. Thus, part of normal skin will be reserved, which quickens recover.

Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Surfacing Equipment

Product details

1.light guiding: Patented solid articulated arm.High energy transimission.

2.Three system 

1) Scan Handpieces   The goden standard of light aging treatment improve acne and scars.

2) Surgical Handpieces (f50mm,f100mm optional)   Accurate energy,instant gasification skin tissue.

3) Gynecology Handpieces (f127mm)   Rabuild vaginal mucosa,tighten vagina and improve the vulva color.    

Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Surfacing Equipment


* 12 inch intuitive full size touch screen

* Foldable full touch screen

* Korea imported articulated arm

* US imported RF laser tube

* German imported laser cavity lens

* FDA/Medical CE/ISO13485 approved for world-class standards

* Multi-language interface(English, German, Russian,Spanish and Chinese) language availabl

Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Surfacing Equipment

1)There are two ways to get skin rejuvenation – one involving surgery of multiple steps and the other is non-invasive – with Sincoheren fractional co2 laser machines.

2)More and more people are discovering the benefits of fractional CO2 laser to achieve a beautiful complexion, in just minutes. It’s easy to use and the results are extraordinary. Speed healing and noticeable results in just a visit.

3)Want to reverse the signs of aging and get more beautiful, younger-looking skin? Try a fractional CO2 laser machine. Order Fractional CO2 Laser System today for the safe and effective home skin rejuvenation. 

Medical Co2 Laser Machine Co2 Fractional With Ce Co2 Fractional Laser scar removal

The fractional co2 laser machine smooths out wrinkles and fine lines on your skin with our non-invasive instant results, giving you a smoother, more radiant complexion.

It's the smart beauty laser you've been waiting for: less downtime, less redness, and a fraction of the cost. Contact skin rejuvenation machine manufacturer and BUY today.

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Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Surfacing Equipment


The CO2Laser (10600nm) is indicated for use in  surgical applications requiring the ablation, vaporization, excision, incision, and coagulation of soft tissue in dermatology and plastic surgery, general surgery. 

Laser skin resurfacing.
Treatment of furrows and wrinkles.

Removal of skin tags, actinic keratosis, acne scars, keloids, tattoos, telangiectasia.
Squamous and basal cell carcinoma, warts and uneven pigmentation. 

Treatment of cysts, abscesses, hemorrhoids and other soft tissue applications.


Site preparation for hair transplants.

The fractional scanner is for treatment of wrinkles and skin resurfacing.
Before and after

Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Surfacing Equipment

Laser Type

RF-excited CO2 laser



Laser Average Power

CW:0-30W SP:0-14W CW:0-15W SP:0-7W

Laser Peak Power

CW:30W SP:60W CW:15W SP:30W


Surgical Handpieces(f50mm,f100mm)

Scan Handpieces(f50mm,f100mm)

Gynecology Handpieces(f127mm)

Spot Size


Scan Size

Up to 20mm*20mm

LCD screen

12.1 inch

Aiming beam



100-240 VAC,50-60Hz,800VA


460mm*430mm*1170mm(not including articulated arm)

Net weight


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