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  • Foldable PDT LED Light Therapy Skin Care Machine
  • Foldable PDT LED Light Therapy Skin Care Machine
  • Foldable PDT LED Light Therapy Skin Care Machine

Foldable PDT LED Light Therapy Skin Care Machine

  • Introduction
  • Application
  • Specification

Working Principle

Red and blue light treatment system using United States high quality LED purity over 99% genes of biological electromagnetic wave sources, with special optical signal transmission technology in the world, and non-thermal effects. During treatment period, may combination contains special photographic ingredients of high nutrition photosensitive collagen, can fast effective of import subcutaneous tissue and are absorbed by red grains of cell, and produce most efficient of light of reaction--enzyme promoting reaction, thus improving the activity of cells and promoting the metabolism of cells. Make the skin to secrete many collagens and automatically fill in fibrous histiocytomas, while increase peritoneal macrophages bacteria ability of white cell , so as to achieve healing, tender skin, whitening, acne, antioxidant effect, ideally suited for sub-healthy and dry, allergic skin, and facial nerve numbness, spastic patients.

Foldable PDT LED Light Therapy Skin Care Machine


1. Strong energy and density
2. Bigger area irradiation, arc design of the light head suitable for the character of face
3. One equipment with two different lights (red and blue), the keys for two lights can be easily switched
4. 100% safety for any skin
5. No hurt to the skin cell, no side effect
6. Longer lifetime, steady capability, longer continued word time
7. No special nurse and normal dressing for skin after treatment 
8. Matrix arrange of light source for face treatment

Red light: The red light absorbed selectively by the pigments and blood vessel can reach the result of skin rejuvenation, whitening, speckle and vascular removing, reducing acne and recovering the injured skin.Blue light: the blue light can inhibit the inflammation, kill acne bacillus so as to eliminate acne of the skin.Mixed light: The Mix light of red and blue can improve the microcirculation to irritate the fabric cellular to enhance collagen and elastic fibers production, reconstruct the dermis collagen fabric structure, eliminate fine winkles, enhance stretch facial skin and effectively alleviate symptom of laxity so as to change the roughness dark tone of facial skin. 

Foldable PDT LED Light Therapy Skin Care Machine

Before and After

Foldable PDT LED Light Therapy Skin Care Machine

Type of light sources

LED gene biological wave light sources


Red light: 640nm±5nm

Blue light: 430nm±5nm

Mix Red and Blue (Wavelength is not changed)

Intensity of light:

Wavelength 640nm≥10000mcd

Wavelength 430nm≥8000mc

Numbers of LED

1260 PCS

Square of spot


Power supply

220V, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz

Export power


Density if power


Environment temperature


Environment temperature

59.5*40*70 cm

Weight of main machine