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  • Photo-dynamic Therapy (PDT) System
  • Photo-dynamic Therapy (PDT) System
  • Photo-dynamic Therapy (PDT) System
  • Photo-dynamic Therapy (PDT) System

Photo-dynamic Therapy (PDT) System

  • Introduction
  • Application
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Dr Light Medical addresses a wide range of skin conditions by using the principle of photobiomodulation, where cells absorb light to create a bio chemical reaction. The treatmentis easy to program and hands-free operation requires no personnel operator - freeing upvaluable clinic time. The L EDs are on planar arrays, easily positioned to cover the face, legs,back or any other anatomical site, making treatment convenient and comfortable for any bodypart: large, small or contoured.



1.4320 high power medical garde LED lamps from Japan,stronger power with more efficient treatment result.  

2.Extendable 5 pieces of LEDs modules, for large treatment area.

3.Red, blue, yellow and flexible combination, up to 7 colours for multiple treatment options.

4.Unique self testing and cooling system to ensure safe and hands-free treatment.


• Improve acne,acne marks and folliculitis.

• Improve red streaks,acne rosacea,stolid.

• Improve wrinkles,fine lines and skin relaxation.

• Improve  pore bulky,rough skin and skin color gray.

• Repainring the dama ged and replanted skin.

• Repairing the sequelae of burns,blisters,pigmentation Recovery of facial neuropathy.

• Elimination of fatigue,relieve stress,improve sleeping quality.

Before and After



Work Voltage

AC 100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz ± 2%

Rated Power


Fuse specification model & rating  

Input power: AC220/230V

Fuse specifications: T3.0AL/250Vφ5*20

Input power: AC110/120V

Fuse specification: T5.0AL/250Vφ5*20

Working environment

TEMP. 5~40℃

Relative Moisture  


Atmospheric pressure


Work distance


Output wavelength

Red laser 635nm ± 10nm;

Blue laser 460nm ± 10nm;

Yellow 590nm ±10nm

Energy range

Blue light: 1-100J/cm2; 



Number of lights

Blue light: 1440 pcs; 

Red light: 1440pcs;

Yellow light: 1440pcs