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  • oem & odm oxygen skin treatment machine
  • oem & odm oxygen skin treatment machine
  • oem & odm oxygen skin treatment machine
  • oem & odm oxygen skin treatment machine
  • oem & odm oxygen skin treatment machine

oem & odm oxygen skin treatment machine

FDA+CE+ISO+TGA certified, Sincoheren is a oxygen skin treatment machine manufacturer founded in 1999, with its focus on various cosmetic clicnic beauty machines,factory price,long warranty. Inquiry now!
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Why you choose Oxygen Revive Machine?

Oxygen Revive provides sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the skin, help promote collagen regeneration and repair damaged skin, help skin cells repair, purify blood and strengthen immunity. Strong oxidative disinfection can eliminate 99% of bacteria, inhibit microbial growth, and promote skin cells naturally regenerate, with a clear effect of wrinkle-reducing spots and improving bruising. 

Oxgen-Revive machine

Benefits of pure oxygen revive machine

Oxygen Revive promotes oxygen features and beneficial qualities, directing its properties at treatments aimed at improving face and body beauty, hair beauty, mind and body relaxation.

1.Anti-aging effect by pure oxygen

Prevent aging by removing free radicals which accelerate aging

2.Soothing, reduce swelling

Decrease skin temperature and soothe sensitive skin by oxygen scaling

3.Skin firming

Supply pure oxygen to firm and make skin clear

Oxgen-Revive machine

Why you choose Oxygen Revive?

1.Oxygen Revive is a must have for every spa, wellness centers, resort and clinical centers.

2.Not only it offers the state of art technology of pure oxygen treatment, which is the real goodness to the skin, it also starts your treatment from a deep skin cleansing, which can be bundled to all your facial treatments.

3.Hydra dermabrasion is a newer technique of microdermabrasion for deep skin cleansing. It combines the power of water and oxygen to remove impurities from the pores. The procedure also maximizes blood flow to the skin and helps stimulate the production of collagen. 

Oxgen-Revive machine

Benefits of deep skin cleansing

1.Deeply hydrating skin

2.Exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin

3.Improving dull complexions and clearing uneven skin tones

4.Whitening and brightening skin

5.Clearing clogged pores

6.Reducing acne inflammations

Oxgen-Revive machine

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Non-surgical Facial and Body Aesthetic System

The one and only technology that combines deep skin cleansing,skin rejuvenation,fine lines reduction and pure pxygen mask treatment in one device.

Oxgen-Revive machine


    Shrink pores

1. Firming skin           2. Reduce pigmentation        3. Deep cleansing dirt and metabolism thick horny

4. Increase circulation of blood and lymphatic system        5. Promote deeply absorbed nutrients

6. Lighten wrinkles, acne and scars                                       7. Glow and whiten skin

Before and After

Oxgen-Revive machine


Product name

Oxygen Revive


1)  Hydra dermabrasion

2)  Diamond dermabrasion

3)  Oxygen spray mist gun

4)  PDT LED handle

5)  Skin scrubber

6)  Bio microcurrent wand

7)  Oxygen inhalation mask

8)  High frequency handle

9)  Ultrasonic facial handle

Max output


Vacuum pressure

1 bar Max

Oxygen flux


Oxygen concentration


Operation system

10.4" touch screen


110-240VAC ,50/60Hz

External Dimensions


Volume weight