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  • SHR IPL Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Equipment-Tony
  • SHR IPL Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Equipment-Tony
  • SHR IPL Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Equipment-Tony
  • SHR IPL Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Equipment-Tony

SHR IPL Laser Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Equipment-Tony

Searching for ipl hair removal and skin rejuvenation device? Contact professional ipl hair removal and skin rejuvenation machine manufacturer for top-pick IPL Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Equipment.
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IPL Hair Removal

Working Theory
Intense pulsed light, commonly abbreviated as IPL, is a kind of high strength, broad spectrum and non-succession light, used by clinics and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments including hair removal and photo rejuvenation.
Through the optical and thermal effect generated and sourced from the light, it achieves the purpose of removing unexpected hair by destroying the hair follicles tissues rapidly and permanently.
IPL can permeate the epidermis to the derma and take effect on the exceptional pigment and vessel such as target tissue to break the abnormal pigment cells, close the abnormal blood vessels, stimulate the proliferation of collagen and improve the rearrangement of elastic fiber, finally achieving the purpose of pigment removal and skin rejuvenation.

IPL Hair Removal


1. Portable design, which is convenient for you to carry and move. Large touch screen for simple operation.

2. Efficient Hair-removal: Super big spot hair-removal hand piece makes efficiency 2 times to general hand piece, at same time to save cost of exchanging hand piece.

3. Super big spot (16*57mm) handle piece makes the treatment more quickly, and the normal spot (8*34mm) handle piece can be used for small area treatment.

4. Semi-conductor cooling system would make the temperature of hand piece crystal reach at -4°C during 5 minutes after turning it on, which ensures IPL treatment safe and comfortable. Lower temperature cooling system makes it more effective and comfortable.

IPL Hair Removal

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IPL Hair Removal


1. Hair removal, skin rejuvenation

2. Wrinkles reduction, skin tightening

3. Lighten and eliminate acne scars

4. Skin whitening and increase the elasticity

5. Vascular lesions (telangiectasis) and bottle nose

6. Remove freckles, pigmentations, age spots and sun spots

Before and After

IPL Hair Removal

Sincoheren IPL Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Equipment

More than 20 years of experience in laser IPL machine, Ipl Hair Removal machine supplier delivers laser hair removal solution - Painless and Safe Method in Removing Hair From Body

IPL hair removal machine is the most effective way to remove unwanted hair from any area of body. In as little as one treatment, you will no longer have to worry about unwanted body hair for a long time.

IPL is a professional hair removal device and is the only machine of its kind that can be used to target hair in any color-black, red, white, or any other color. The cost of IPL is also very efficient. The ipl machine is also the only option for hair removal where the hair can not regrow and the hair cannot be burned.

IPL Machines For Salons, Unlike Hair Removal Machines, This Machine Uses IPL Technology To Control Age-related Skin Problems, Including Age Spots, Keratinization, Telangiectasia and Eczema. This machine eliminates the side effects of laser hair removal, while removing excess oil and sebum. 


Ight source

Intense Pulsed light


SR: 560-1200nm/HR: 690-1 200nm

Transfer system

Crystal light guide

Safety Category

Class I Type B

Pulse width

See 3-5



Spot sixe

8mm X 34mm/16mm x 57mm,error +0.2mm

Surface temperature of the crystal    


Cooling system

Semiconductor refrigerator
wind cooling, water cooling

Dimensions(L x W x H)

940mm X 790mm X 460mm

Weight (NW)


Fuse specifications

Ø5X20 230V 8A

Input power



AC230V, 50HZ


1)Meet all-in-one ipl hair removal and skin rejuvenation device from ipl machine manufacturer- Beijing Sincoheren S & T Development Co., Ltd. since 1999. Ipl laser machine is non-invasive with no pain and provides safe, fast and effective hair removal, skin rejuvenation and hair loss control. The ipl laser device is lightweight and comfortable, easy to use and suitable for all skin types.

2)Not only does the Advanced ipl hair removal and skin rejuvenation machine Levels a New Dimension on Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation, it also offers a wide range of surgical and cosmetic treatments. The IPL laser technology offers a safe and effective alternative to zero surgical procedures as well as hair removal.

3)The ipl - hair removal and skin rejuvenation machine is a device that uses a focused, non-inflammatory laser light to remove unwanted hair and stimulating collagen production, without surgery and in less than a minute. Easily used on body on the face, legs or arms, no need for anesthesia.

4)The ipl laser device uses infrared laser light to remove hair and skin, and it targets follicles with the least amount of pain and discomfort. The device has a lightweight, ergonomic design and it’s FDA-approved.

5)What does a non-invasive, safe, and easy to use ipl laser machine look like? This ipl hair removal and skin rejuvenation device is an excellent option for both hair removal and skin rejuvenation. With its sleek design, it promotes the health and beauty of your skin by creating new, healthy collagen tissue and opening more capillaries.

Say goodbye to skin tags, stretch marks, and cellulite once and for all with the ipl laser device. As seen on ipl hair removal and skin rejuvenation device, ipl laser machine manufacturers offer precise and safe results to clean skin and reduce & removal unwanted hair. Contact Sincoheren for quotation now.

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