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Who Are Suitable for IPL Photorejuvenation?


Photon rejuvenation is a relatively familiar project, which can not only beautify and soften the skin but also remove acne and freckles. However, some fans still do not know much about it. Today, the IPL skin rejuvenation machine supplier will introduce in detail.

Photon tender skin is also called strong pulse light, although it is also light, it is not the same as the laser. The laser is monochromatic, that is, each laser has only one wavelength, but strong pulsed light can emit light of multiple wavelengths at the same time. If the characteristic of laser is pure blood, then strong pulsed light is super hybrid. IPL/OPT/DPL, all belong to this category. Because its band coverage is wide, strong pulse light a person can be several lasers lives, freckle, tender skin, brightening skin, improve capillary dilatation, and depilation, it can be done.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Equipment

1. "Spot" crowd:

Pigment spots on the face, whether they are solar or freckles, usually give you the feeling of a "dirty face".Although often used powder to cover, but always can not cover off.

2. "Aging" crowd:

Facial begins to appear flabby, fine furrow, appear senile cutaneous change.

3. "Dark yellow" crowd:

People who want to change the texture of the skin, and hope that the skin will have better elasticity, smoother skin, and improve skin dullness.

4. "Rough" crowd:

Rough facial skin, enlarged pores, acne marks, dilated facial capillaries.

Generally, the treatment effect of the first three groups of people is more obvious, and the treatment effect of the fourth group of people is relatively poor. In addition, photorejuvenation is the same as other beauty treatments. If your skin condition is better, the effect of the treatment will be better. If your skin's congenital condition is not ideal, the photorejuvenation treatment has a good performance, but in general, Said to be worse.

A course of photorejuvenation usually takes 5-6 months, with 3-5 treatments. Divide the treatment into several times, because the improvement of skin problems needs to be done gradually, from shallow to deep, and you must not rush to achieve it, otherwise, it may be too hasty.

People who are contraindicated for photorejuvenation: breastfeeding, pregnancy, malignant tumors, severe visceral diseases, photosensitivity (erythema, rash, and itching after skin exposure), people who are taking photosensitizing drugs, and people who are taking isotretinoin.

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