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vascularising effect of endoroller max machine


Features & function of endoroller max body contouring machine

• Honeycomb-like arrangement of spheres 

• Progressive tissue compression 

• Vascular workout' effect 

• Reverse hydrostatic pressure


How this body contouring machine works? The balance between hydrostatic pressure and oncotic pressure normally allows for the outflow of the liquids and nutrients from the arterioral side, and the re-entering of the liquids and catabolites into the venular side. The increase in hydrostatic pressure due to the slowing down in the venular outflow leads to stagnation of water in the extracellular space, with oedema formation inside the tissue matrix. 

Thanks to the particular arrangement of the spheres in this body contouring machine, incessantly refined by professional body contouring machine suppliers, in a honeycomb-like pattern, it is possible to obtain progressive tissue compression with pressures and lifting of the structure, this body contouring machine is designed to achieve a sort of 

vascular workout effect1,2. 


Fig. 1. Physiology of capillary circulation.

The Endoroller Max body contouring machine allows users to counterbalance the hydrostatic pressure of the venous vessels by reversing the inner metabolic and haemodynamic exchange mechanism with flow inversion3 . 

This results in the recovery of metabolic exchanges, the supply of oxygen and an improvement of microcirculation, whose histological alterations characterise the various stages of OFP4 , i.e. “Oedematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy”. 

This activity on the vascular system is scientifically demonstrated by thermographic assessments, below, which show a generalised increase in the skin temperature of the lower limbs, as well as a remodelling of the silhouette. 


Fig. 3. Average temperature right trochanteric.

Arezzo Centre of Aesthetic Pathologies, Prof. Bacci3.

The same thermal effect, due to better 

tissue oxygenation, was monitored by Prof. 


Fig. 4. Surface temperatures reached and recovery times. Prof. Bianca Diffidenti15

Bianca Diffidenti during the face treatment processed by the body contouring machine. In this way, the surface temperatures reached are appreciable, as well as the related recovery times15.