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Photon Rejuvenation Solves Your Skin Problems


Photon skin rejuvenation is also called intense pulsed light IPL, that is, by irradiating the skin with wide-band visible light, it produces a selective photothermal effect in the deep layer of the skin to achieve skin beauty effects. The effects of photo rejuvenation in different bands are not the same. The effects include freckle removal, acne removal, redness removal, hair removal, pore shrinkage, and fine lines reducing. 

What skin problems can Photon Rejuvenation solve? Our company provides Portable Design IPL Skin Rejuvenation Equipment.

Portable Design IPL Skin Rejuvenation Equipment

Red bloodshot

The photon rejuvenation is mainly used for the selective photothermal reaction. This wavelength can be strongly absorbed by hemoglobin. When the hemoglobin in the blood vessel is absorbed, it can be converted into heat and act on the entire blood vessel, which is eventually absorbed by the body and can help treat red blood filaments. In addition, photon rejuvenation can also stimulate the skin to produce collagen, so that collagen and elastic fibers can be rearranged, and skin elasticity is enhanced.


Photon rejuvenation can also remove freckles. Using continuous strong pulse photon technology can eliminate freckles and fine wrinkles, and also remove pigmentation spots and capillary dilatation. Photon skin rejuvenation has a good effect on freckles and is easy to treat. It does not cause toxic or side effects and does not rebound.

Acne marks

The special wavelength contained in photon rejuvenation is absorbed by hemoglobin to assist in the treatment of acne marks, without causing damage to normal skin. It can coagulate blood vessels, promote melanin decomposition, rearrange elastic fibers and collagen, and finally remove acne marks.


Acne is because the sebaceous glands secrete a large amount of sebum and cannot be excreted in time, which leads to inflammation caused by clogging of hair follicles, which is a chronic inflammatory disease. This is mainly related to androgen secretion, which usually occurs during adolescence. Acne can be removed by photorejuvenation.


Photon skin rejuvenation can not be done a week before other beauty items such as laser or microdermabrasion, do a good job of sun protection within a month to avoid exposure to sunlight. Inflammation of the skin or purulent wounds cannot be treated. The skin is very sensitive during the photorejuvenation treatment. Sun protection must be done well, and heavy makeup cannot be applied that day because the skin in the treatment area is being repaired. If makeup is applied, it will increase the discomfort.