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Knowledge Of IPL Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Equipment


IPL is a continuous wavelength of strong light, with a wavelength of about 400nm-1300nm shining on the skin to achieve various effects.

Hair removal principle

IPL Hair Removal Machine is mainly based on the principle of photothermal decomposition. When the intense pulse light irradiates to the skin tissue, the melanin on the hair follicle will selectively absorb most of the light waves and generate heat energy, finally achieving the effect of stopping the hair growth. And melanin more the hair absorbs the ability of light wave is stronger, the effect that depilate also can be more apparent.

Pain Free IPL Hair Removal Machine

Principle of  tender skin

Photonic tender skin is the photothermal and optical effects generated by intense pulsed light acting on skin tissues. After energy absorption, the diseased tissues instantly pop up the epidermis and gradually decompose and fall off with their own metabolism. At the same time, the strong light stimulates the regeneration of collagen fiber, the reorganization of elastic fiber, the absorption of hemoglobin energy, the thickening of capillaries, the overall improvement of the skin, thus achieving the magic effect of removing spots, removing wrinkles, shrinking pores, and removing red silk.

Comfortable and painless

During the hair removal process, because the IPL has a low heat of light, there is no tingling sensation. Our company provides Pain Free IPL Hair Removal Machine.

Safe hair removal

Photons act on the hair follicles and hair shafts, and "ignoring" the surrounding skin tissues and sweat glands do not affect perspiration, do not crust after treatment, and have no side effects. We are healthy and safe hair removal, we cannot 100% guarantee that all customers can be cleaned in 6-8 times, because everyone's growth factors are different, to achieve permanent hair no longer grow, unless the hair follicle is closed, this is unsafe hair removal method.

Firming and rejuvenating

IPL photon hair removal technology is to restore the original elasticity of the skin, eliminate or reduce wrinkles and reduce pores while photon hair removal. Improve skin texture, complexion and tighten skin.