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What can you get from HIEMT


What can you get from HIEMT?

Chapter 1

A recent scientific study found that this revolutionary, high-intensity focused electromagnetic therapy method achieves proven successful results when it comes to building muscle and burning fat at the same time.

What can you get from HIEMT

In the medical study, four treatments were examined on patients using the technology, focused on the abs. Using the treatments, health evaluations and measurements of their abdominal muscles, fatty tissue, and diastasis were taken before using the device, two months after and six months post-treatment to determine the changes the electromagnetic therapy had on the body.

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, the method by which the results were measured, is considered one of the most highly precise methods of diagnostics in the world and revealed muscle growth and, at the same time, fat reduction at both stages measured after the HIEMT treatments.

The results proved that the treatment is incredibly effective in achieving a body contouring effect. They found a significant reduction in fat tissue thickness, as well as a similarly significant increase in the thickness of the ab muscles, post-treatment, reporting “on average a statistically significant improvement, was observed in all three measurements when comparing the 2 months follow up to the baseline.”

The scientific study went on to confirm in those who took part, “A reduction in adipose tissue thickness (−18.6%), an increase in rectus abdominis thickness (+15.4%) and a reduction in abdominal separation (−10.4%). In total 91 % of patients improved in all three facets simultaneously.”

Studies also found six months following the treatment, an average waist measurement reduction of 3.8cm in all the participants involved.

Plus, you can expect the treatment to last. Scientists said that the MRI data from the six months following “suggests the changes can be preserved in the longer term.”

To see the contouring effects of HIEMT on the body, you also do not need to count calories: the clinical study found that the effects on the body were unrelated to any dieting or workout regime - everyone who participated did not change anything about their regular eating habits or exercise schedule.

The effectiveness of diastasis will be particularly of interest to those wanting to tone and shape a post-pregnancy body. Diastasis recti refers to the separation of your outermost stomach muscles, which weakens your abdominal wall, and results in a pooch sticking out at your belly. Different forces can cause your ab muscles to separate apart, but one of the most common reasons is pregnancy - and can make it near impossible to tone or build muscle in the specific stomach area through workouts alone.

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