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The Importance of Pelvic Floor Muscles


The Importance of Pelvic Floor Muscles


What happens if the pelvic floor muscles are weak?

The pelvic floor muscles are directly related to the urethra, rectum, exercise of women, and insufficient control of the prostate in men.If the pelvic floor muscles are relaxed and energy is insufficient, the normal function of related organs may be impaired, and incontinence is common.

For women, it may cause vaginal prolapse; uterine prolapse and other problems;

For men, it may cause problems such as prostate problems and erectile dysfunction.

The Importance of Pelvic Floor Muscles


Benefits of improving pelvic floor muscles

1. Strengthening pelvic floor muscles to enhance the control force of defecation;       

2. Preventing or improving bladder, uterus or sagging rectum caused by pelvic floor muscle relaxation.

3. Reducing the leakage of urine caused by coughing, sneezing or beating.

4. Activating and enhancing pelvic floor muscle tissue to restore muscle tightness and increase elasticity.

5. Increasing the blood flow and nerve function of pelvic floor.           

6. Strengthening the pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle) to improve the sensitivity and sexual function.