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How Long Can Operation Begin Fractional Laser Treatment?


Traditionally, it is believed that the timing of surgical treatment of scars should be 6 months to 1 year after the scar is mature and stable. The reason is that after the scar tissue is mature and stable, its boundaries are clear, the blood supply is reduced, and surgical resection bleeding is less. Non-surgical anti-scar methods to "treat" scars (prevent scar hyperplasia), such as elastic dressings to reduce blood supply of scar tissue, intra-scar scar injection of steroid hormones to promote scar collagen degradation, silicone gel products and external use of drugs, etc. , But the results are often disappointing. The advancement of ultra-pulse CO2 fractional laser technology combined with in-depth research on the pathology of scars has prompted us to change the traditional scar treatment schedule. Now, most scholars advocate the advancement of laser treatment of scars to one week after wound suture removal or one postoperatively. The wound has healed at this time, and the scar is in the early stage of hyperplasia. The exfoliative fractional laser can be used to introduce triamcinolone acetonide and other drugs. The treatment is safer and more effective, with better results, which greatly reduces the possibility of subsequent traditional surgical removal of the scar.

Fractional CO2 Laser

Why is ablative CO2 fractional laser more effective than non-ablative fractional laser treatment?

The fractional CO2 laser is a gas laser, and the principle of action is "focal photothermal action". The fractional laser generates arrays of tiny beams that are applied to the skin to form a small thermal damage area with multiple three-dimensional cylindrical structures. There are undamaged normal tissues around each small injury area, and its keratinocytes can crawl quickly and make it heal quickly. It can make collagen fibers and elastic fibers proliferate and rearrange, make the content of type I and type III collagen fibers close to the normal ratio, change the structure of pathological scar tissue, gradually soften and restore elasticity. The main absorption group of the fractional laser is water, and water is the main component of the skin, which can cause the dermal collagen fibers to be heated to shrink and denature, and induce the wound healing reaction in the dermis, the collagen produced in order to deposit, and promote collagen proliferation, So as to improve skin elasticity and reduce scars, the main mechanisms include: ① damage and inhibit the blood vessel tissue in the scar tissue; ② vaporize and remove the scar tissue; ③ inhibit fibrous tissue production and excessive proliferation; ④ induce fibroblast apoptosis.

What are the contraindications of fractional laser?

People with the scarred constitution; psychiatric patients; active vitiligo and psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus; pregnancy or lactation; people with photosensitivity; taking isotretinoin in the past 1 year, currently or once infected with active cold sores or simple Herpes virus ever. If you have had other laser treatments within 3 months, you should report the truth to your doctor, who will evaluate whether you can accept new laser treatments.

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