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Advantages and Precautions of Laser Scar Removal


Through good control of lasers with different wavelengths, epidermal reconstruction of scar tissue, regeneration, and remodeling of collagen tissue, improvement of scar color, maximization of scar tissue in terms of appearance and functional morphology, return to close to normal tissue and make scars change Light and disappear. Our company provides the Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Surfacing Equipment.

Advantages and Precautions of Laser Scar Removal

Technical advantages:

It mainly inhibits the growth of blood vessels. The growth bulge of scars without blood vessels to supply nutrition will be slower and slightly more. At the same time, the laser also inhibits the excessive growth of scar fibrin, promotes the maturation of scar fibrous tissue, and promotes the orderly arrangement of fibrous tissue. Hyperplasia promotes the upward growth of the low depression, so as to achieve high to low, low to high, and smooth scar formation.

In general, the treatment of scars cannot be solved by a single method. For different scars, a combination of surgery, lasers, drugs, and compression are used in combination. In combination with scar patches, silicone gels, and other products, elastic sleeve compression to further suppress fibrous tissue proliferation, and if there is hyperplasia, use closed needle injection to soften the scar; the radiation treatment effect is also obvious, but there is a certain risk of radiation. It also easily causes scar pigmentation to turn white, and skin atrophy cannot be recovered. Not recommended as a last resort.

Whether it is suitable for laser treatment depends on the following issues:

1. Local infections;

2. Whether there are serious functional and morphological disorders that require surgical correction;

3. There are advanced leucorrhea and psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus;

4. Persons with severe organic lesions;

5. Malignant changes in scar tissue;

6. Patients with systemic infectious diseases.

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