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Why Choose Laser Tattoo Removal?

Pulished on Feb. 07, 2023

The original intention of the tattoo was originally a timeless memorial when you are tired of a particular tattoo pattern on your body when you are determined to definitely remove the tattoo on your body? These points are necessary: time, money, patience, and laser!

Today, let's popularize how the laser removes tattoos.

When you are receiving a laser, it will actually cause a new wound on the skin. In response to such wounds, the human body's instinctive response will expel white blood cells. The white blood cells wrap around the tattoo colour ink and continually attack to break them apart, breaking the colour down into smaller particles to the point where they can be carried away by the white blood cells.

The heart, blood circulation, and immune system have an important role in laser tattoo removal. The blood flow carries the particulate colour ink into the lymphatic system, where the particulate colour ink is processed.


Since the laser treatment process is rotating around the heart and blood flow, the tattoo ink near the heart will be more easily crushed into particles than. Therefore, the removal process will be shorter for chest tattoos.

The results of tattoo cleaning are different for each person and for each tattoo and are certainly caused by many reasons.

Factors that affect the cleaning results of tattoos 

1. The length of the tattoo. Tattoos that are less than 6 months old and tattoos that are older than 15 years old are extremely different for laser. Health status plays a vital role in tattoo cleaning.

2. Each person's immune system will respond differently, if you have any disease that affects your immune system, (e.g. diabetes, autoimmune disease) if you have a cold, you feel tired, or have been a smoker for many years, you will find the tattoo removal process relatively slow.

Q-Switched ND YAG Laser Treatment

Q-modulated Nd: YAG laser therapy system ExQ laser

Tattoo removal Q-switched ND YAG laser utilizes the sandblasting effect of the laser. The laser effectively penetrates the epidermis and can reach the pigment clusters in the dermis.

Working principle of the YAG laser therapy system

YAG laser therapy system is based on laser selective photothermolysis and the Q-modulated laser jet mechanism. The energy from a specific wavelength and with a precise dose is applied to certain target colour radicals: ink, carbon particles from the skin and epidermis, exogenous pigment particles from the skin and epidermis and endogenous melanin. When suddenly heated, the pigment particles immediately explode into small pieces, which will be engulfed by macrophage phagocytosis and enter the lymphatic circulation system, where they are finally expelled from the body.

Advantages of YAG laser therapy system

1.Q-switched ND YAG laser treatment with single pulse energy up to 1200MJ can completely and easily eliminate deep endogenous hyperpigmentation.

2. Two-stage ND: YAG system (double rod and double argon lamp) with high energy output, making the pulse width as short as 5ns and doubling the output density at the same energy.

3. Fat-Top Beam output, which can evenly distribute point energy at any temperature to achieve better treatment effect and reduce injury.

4. Korean articulated arm, low light loss, low maintenance, high stability and long life.

5.High Energy Q-Switched ND YAG Laser is equipped with real-time energy monitoring and auto-calibration system to provide consistent and stable energy output, and the energy is automatically changed by adjustable handpiece and water filtration system.


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