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Why Choose a Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine?

Pulished on Feb. 17, 2023

Smooth skin can reduce a lot of embarrassment. Girls who love beauty hope that the less hair on their body and face, the better. Over the years, many hair removal techniques have come out. From the simplest hair removal to the hair removal cream at the back, there are also beeswax hair removal and needle hair removal, etc., the most popular one can be said to be diode laser hair removal.

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

1. Why can diode laser hair removal?

Using the principle of selective photothermal action of the laser, the laser of a specific wavelength selectively acts on the melanin in the hair follicle. After the melanin absorbs the energy of the laser, the temperature rises sharply, which causes the destruction of the hair follicle and removes the hair. The hair shaft and melanin of the hair follicle generate heat after absorbing light, and the heat expands around to cause targeted and permanent damage to the entire hair follicle. Because laser hair removal is targeted destruction of hair follicles, it will not affect other surrounding skin tissues.

2. Does diode laser hair removal affect perspiration?

The safe 808 semiconductor freezing point painless hair removal will not affect perspiration. Hair follicles and sweat glands are two separate issues. Hair grows from the hair follicle, while the sweat glands are next to the hair follicle. They are not the same thing. Therefore, hair removal acts on the hairs in the hair follicles, and does not damage the sweat glands, nor does it affect the sweat glands' perspiration.


1. Do not use a depilatory cream, depilatory cream, and other similar products before doing diode laser hair removal, as this will affect the effect of depilation. Wash your body before hair removal.

2. After diode laser hair removal, you should avoid direct sunlight and do not wash your skin with hot water.

3. After diode laser hair removal, go to the hospital for review in time. The doctor will determine the effect of hair removal and arrange the time and scope of the next hair removal according to the specific conditions of hair removal until it is completely resolved.


1. Shave hair before use. The diode laser hair removal machine is not used for shaving, everyone should pay attention to it. Before using it, shave the areas that need to be removed with a shaving knife.

2. Before using the diode laser hair removal machine, you don't need to use hair removal cream, and you can't wipe some body lotion, gel, etc. on the shaved area.

3. Before using, you must first charge it, adjust the intensity, clean the area to be depilated, and dry it, and then you can use the instrument.

4. Use the cycle. Under normal circumstances, the hair is completely removed in about a year. Before that, starting from the beginning of hair removal, it was used 4 times once every two weeks, then 3/4 times once a month, and then used according to the situation.

Advantages of diode laser hair removal machine

1. Equipped with 808nm / 755nm / 1064nm / three-in-one multi-wavelength comprehensive hair removal system, suitable for people with various skins and various hair colors;

2. It also has a dual-system operation interface of the medical version and the beauty version, which can realize personalized customization parameters and intelligent recommended parameters, and reduce the threshold of clinical operation for hair removal;

3. At the same time, during the treatment process, the unique sapphire contact refrigeration technology of the system can effectively cool and protect the skin, thereby achieving painless, rapid, and permanent hair removal.

The upgraded diode laser hair removal machine has a 12.1-inch resistive touch screen, presenting a better visual experience; humanized human-computer interaction interface, perfect interactive experience, if you want to get more information about permanent diode laser hair removal machine, please contact us.


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