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New Technology for Oxygen Spa and Deep Cleaning

Pulished on Nov. 13, 2020

The latest design with the upgraded handles--8 upgraded handles and oxygen mask, which will give a more refreshing enjoyment during deep skincare.

Beijing Sincoheren Technology Development Co., Ltd. Launched the newly hydrotherapy machine. It has got Skin Firming,  Pigmentation Reduction, Deep facial cleansing and other functions, as the only hydrotherapy machine with pure oxygen, it can improve physical and mental health, relieve anxiety and fatigue at the same time.

Here is some application for Oxygen revive:

Shrink pores

Firming skin

Reduce pigmentation

Deep cleansing dirt and metabolism thick horny

Increase the circulation of blood and lymphatic system

Promote deeply absorbed nutrients

Lighten wrinkles, acne and scars

Glow and whiten skin

Hydrotherapy Machine

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