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Permanent Laser Hair Removal Device Treatment

Pulished on Apr. 22, 2022

The main principle of "permanent hair removal" is the application of a physics concept, i.e. a material of a certain colour must have the strongest absorption rate for a particular wavelength of light. In our black hair follicles, the hair papillae are rich in melanin, which has a strong absorption rate for special wavelengths of monochromatic laser light and will, after absorbing the light waves, produce a local thermal effect on the hair follicles, which will cause necrosis of the hair follicles and the hair will stop growing, thus achieving the purpose of hair removal.

Permanent hair removal machine treatment is a common skin care method, it can effectively remove the sweat hair on the skin, make the skin become more called white, by women friends like. Permanent hair removal treatment can be done once, but it is not very thorough and usually takes three to five sessions.

Permanent laser hair removal equipment treatment hair removal is a one-session treatment for some users.

Permanent hair removal is mainly done by laser hair removal. The laser hair removal device treatment procedure uses a photothermal effect. The photothermal effect penetrates directly into the dermis of the skin and destroys the hair follicle so that no new hair can grow back. It quickly achieves permanent hair removal.

Hair removal can be permanent. We must choose laser treatment. Generally speaking, this condition may be caused by genetic factors. Usually we must change some bad habits.  Don’t take spicy and irritating food, more fresh fruits and vegetables, and clean and hygienic skin. Usually we can drink more boiled water to hydrate ourselves.

Laser hair removal device treatment can remove hair permanently. After using the laser, you must pay attention to sun protection. When you go out, try to eat light food. After using the laser, try not to eat chillies to avoid damaging your skin. Try to drink warm boiled water to promote metabolic elimination. After using the laser, you must pay attention to dry skin and try not to scratch your skin with your hands.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal Device Treatment

This is because our hair has a growth cycle, divided into anagen, regrowth and rest periods. Only when the laser is absorbed by the growing hair can the hair follicle be completely destroyed, while only 85% of the long term hair is in a state of "hibernation", i.e. degeneration and dormancy. After hair removal, in a few weeks and months, most of the remaining hairs will also enter the anagen phase. At this point, they can be removed with a second treatment. Therefore, laser hair removal devices for hair removal usually require 3 to 5 treatments to obtain complete cleanliness.

Does hair grow back after permanent laser hair removal device treatment?

Generally no. Permanent hair removal generally refers to laser hair removal device treatment for hair removal. Laser hair removal penetrates deep into the skin and dermis to produce a direct and complete hair removal effect on the hair follicles. As a result, permanent hair removal will not grow back.

Permanent hair removal uses a laser hair removal device where the melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the light wave energy. Permanent hair removal uses a laser that penetrates the surface of the skin to reach the inside of the skin. The light energy of the laser is absorbed by the hair follicle cells. After a certain transformation, this light energy eventually creates a large amount of heat. The hair follicles are slowly but completely destroyed by the heat. Permanent hair removal can be achieved with regular use.

At present, there are many hair removal institutions in the market, including beauty salons and hospitals, not every institution is using professional hair removal equipment, the most professional effect is the best 808 semiconductor laser hair removal equipment, customer flow institutions, including beauty salons and hospitals to consider the cost of investment will generally use opt equipment, this kind of can do a lot of projects, including whitening, spot removal and other various functions, not professional do The effect of hair removal is very slow and cannot achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, so many people have not been clean for a year, so let many people have a misunderstanding of ice point hair removal, in fact, permanent hair removal is a simple process, 808 hair removal equipment operation once after the hair becomes sparse and grows very slowly, 28 days for the hair growth cycle, operation 3 to 5 times can be achieved with permanent hair removal effect, professional equipment.