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Intro to hifem machine

Pulished on Apr. 20, 2022

The cellusculpt! You can also call it HIEMT machine or HIEMT muscle machine.

It can achieve the effect of increasing muscle and reducing fat! Because of the HIEMT machine technology!


Then, what is HIEMT machine?

It stands for high Intensity focused electromagnetic!

This technique allows you to expand and contract your own muscles for extreme training, allowing you to deeply reshape the internal structure of your muscles, even as myofibrils grow, which is muscle size, and you can create new protein chains and muscle fibers, which makes your muscles bigger and denser.

Intro to hifem machine

So how does hifem machine reduce fat?

This is because extreme muscle contractions can cause a lot of fat breakdown, the breakdown of triglycerides in fat cells into glycerol and fatty acids. When the concentration of fatty acids is too high, fat cells die and are excreted by the body's normal metabolism after a few weeks.

So! The cellusculpt can increase muscle while achieving fat reduction!

Our muscle beauty machine:

Very precise - only treated tissue can be inhibited and changed; The surrounding tissue is not affected

Injection is unnecessary, which is a real non-invasive operation.

Risks and downtime are minimized - surgery is often complicated with longer healing times and greater risks. Although each patient is different, our products usually recommend 4 to 6 30 minute treatments, which are completed in two weeks, and the effect will continue to improve significantly in three to six months.

The effect of cellusculpt:

1. After completing a course of treatment, magnetic leptin can effectively increase muscle mass by 16% and decrease fat mass by 19% at the same time

2. Exercise abdominal muscles, shape waistcoat line, exercise hip muscles, create peach buttocks, exercise abdominal oblique muscles, create human fishing line.

3. Improve the slack abdominal muscles caused by the separation of rectus abdominis and shape the waistcoat line. Especially suitable for postpartum due to the separation of rectus abdominis abdominal circumference increase, belly relaxation of the mother to restore the girly posture.

4. Activate collagen regeneration of pelvic floor muscle tissue, tighten loose basin muscles, solve urinary leakage, and indirectly achieve tightening effect.

Hot words in the city to reduce fat first?

After muscle healthy shaping new scale.In the past, the concept of weight loss often pursues weight loss and fat loss, and various products on the market are based on elimination.Fat based and neglect to maintain muscle quality, no line is not the mainstream now. With the fast pace of life and the pursuit of high-quality life taste, people are more invested in relatively healthy weight loss. For beauty trends, popular artists, funny goddesses and male gods, Sexy Mermaid lines, vest lines and other muscle lines are popular, so they are all the rage in fitness centers, personal coaches and fitness rooms.

Beyond the limits of human muscle movement.During normal exercise, the brain sends messages that stimulate motor neurons, only 20 to 30 percent.

Muscle fibers are active.By using HI-EMT machine technology, cirisu directly stimulated motor neurons with an accuracy of nearly 100%.Muscle fibers generate activity,efficient burning of fat cells and excretion through metabolism,while rapidly increasing muscle tissue and protein chains, enhance muscle thickness and density , rapid strengthening of muscle has finished.