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How does the emsculpt machine work

Pulished on Dec. 25, 2021

Emsculpt machine is a painless solution for fat-burning and muscle-building. It's the most commonly used treatment for buttock/glute or abdominal fat. Emsculpt also known as muscle sculpting machine is a non-invasive procedure that uses thermal energy to burn fat and build muscle. Emsculpt machine is a pain-free method that has been proven to help sculpt your body. It is specifically designed to target fat and tone muscles.

To start, the emsculpt machine uses High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic(HIFEM) waves to melt away excess fat cells in your body. These waves are then absorbed by the skin in the area being treated and converted into heat energy, which helps accelerate metabolism and burn calories.

This HIFEM machine also utilizes an integrated heating element, which helps reduce pain during treatments by warming your skin up to a comfortable temperature before each treatment. A small probe is inserted through the skin in the targeted area for about 1 hour. The probe releases thermal energy absorbed by fat cells below the skin's surface. This process creates a mini-burning sensation which naturally stimulates collagen production and helps reduce cellulite. 

Emsculpt machine is a revolutionary new device that provides the best in-office body sculpting and fat reduction procedures. The biggest edge of a HIFEM machine to spa owners is that they don’t have to invest extra on separate devices for body sculpting and fat reduction. As an emsculpt machine manufacturer, we always recommend startups to opt for emsculpt machine. The reason why businesses love emsculpt machine so much us given below.

How does the emsculpt machine work

What are the benefits of emsculpt machine?

You will be able to see results in just a few weeks. Emsculpt machine is the first choice when it comes to sculpting butt, glutes and abs. But don’t worry, you can also target other areas of your body with the same result. This muscle sculpting machine is safe and side effects free, so you can get back to enjoying your life!

What effects would a muscle sculpting machine have on my body?

Muscle sculpting machine is an innovative technology that helps your body stay healthy. It does this by giving you more energy and teaching your muscles to be stronger. You can't get these benefits from exercising or even surgery in such a short period. This is because the HIFEM machine gives you "supramaximal" muscle contractions, which are very intense and cause lipolysis, making the fat turn into energy. This is only possible because of the focused electromagnetic energy emitted by the emsculpt machine. 

Emsculpt machine ensures that you have a leaner and more toned body without having to go through surgery or spend hours at the gym. So, if you are looking for a way to improve your body without any pain or hassle, then an emsculpt machine may be the right choice for you!

Is there any evidence that the emsculpt machine works?

Muscle sculpting machine is the most effective FDA-cleared device for non-invasive treatment of love handles and the abdominal area. EMSculpt creates supramaximal contractions, which cause the body to expend energy and burn calories. These treatments are painless and have no downtime.

In clinical studies, 97% of people treated saw a visible reduction in fat after just two 30 minute sessions per week for four weeks. 100% percent said they would recommend the emsculpt machine to a friend!

Two hundred patients participated in 7 different studies, measuring fat and waistline measurements pre-and post-treatment. The average result was a 19% reduction in body fat, a 12-inch decrease from the waistline, 16% increase in muscle mass for abdominal muscles separation by 11%. There was a five-time increase in fat metabolism, with 80% of subjects seeing their buttocks visibly lift. 96% of patients were satisfied with the results.

HIFEM machine is based on intense, pulsed electromagnetic field technology. This non-invasive procedure stimulates contracted muscles with gentle electrical currents that contract the underlying tissue without inducing significant heat or discomfort. Emsculpt machine provides unparalleled results, quickly and safely transforming bodies into slimmer, more sculpted versions.

Are there any side effects?

It's hard to describe what you'll feel during your emsculpt machine treatment, but the results are usually noticed within a few sessions. When using this machine, you will feel prickles under your skin. The prickling sensation is different for everyone and might cause varying reactions depending on factors such as your weight and skin type.

Using a muscle sculpting machine for the first time might be a little irritating. However, after long periods of sustained contractions, such as those you would receive from using a muscle stimulator, your body and muscles start to adjust over time to the flow of the stimulating pulses. Even though the emsculpt machine may initially feel uncomfortable, your operator will adjust the intensity to your specific needs to ensure it feels comfortable.

We’d be lying if we told you that 20,000 squats and crunches wouldn’t feel intense. They do. However, they don’t provide any “side-effects” of the workout variety. Emsculpt machine's side effects include muscle soreness and stiffness, similar to what you would feel after a workout. As an emsculpt machine manufacturer, we have worked with tons of patients that have gone through this treatment and none of them faced any permanent issues.

How does the emsculpt machine work

Am I best-suited for this muscle sculpting machine?

Before we answer this question, there's something that needs to be clarified:

It's important to point out that you don't have to be in optimal physical condition to see results from the emsculpt machine. The ideal candidates for HIFEM machine are already shedding fat in the gym but they want to make the process fast and get rid of fat as soon as possible. All of their efforts at the gym have not yet yielded results, and they're seeing more of their flabby stomach start to peek through. In this condition, a muscle sculpting machine can speed up this process by liquidating those stubborn packs of fat.

Is the emsculpt machine is only for abs?

No, the application of emsculpt machine is endorsed by FDA and has been proven to provide relief in patients with cellulite in different parts of the body. The treatments are also backed by a number of clinical studies demonstrating that the results will be visible in glutes, hips and thighs.