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Where To Buy Skin Analysis Machine?

Pulished on Nov. 02, 2023

Where To Buy Skin Analysis Machine?

Many dermatologists and estheticians wonder where to buy professional skin analysis machines, before the decision to order a skin analysis machine, it is better to understand these questions.

What Is a Skin Analysis Machine?

The principle of the professional skin analysis machine is mainly to use optical imaging technology to analyze facial problems. This can analyze the pores and facial conditions of the epidermis, then find the problem, and present the consumer's skin texture and the effects of ultraviolet exposure, subcutaneous blood vessels, and pigment lesions, so as to formulate a reasonable skin care plan.

What Does A Skin Analysis Machine Do?

The professional skin analysis machines use three spectra of RGB+UV+PL for imaging, and output a total of twelve types of data:

① RGB pores: Indicates the current status of pores on the facial surface. The more red dots there are, the more seriously the pores are clogged;

② RGB color spots: Indicates the spots on the current facial surface. The larger the value, the lighter the spots;

③ RGB texture: indicates the current skin texture direction;

④ PL roughness: indicates the roughness of the face under polarized light;

⑤ UV acne: Indicates oil secretion and blackheads in the skin;

⑥ UV pigment: Indicates the distribution of spots, and the color is black;

⑦ UV roughness: Indicates the roughness of the face under UV light;

⑧ Skin tone uniformity: Indicates skin color condition;

⑨ Brown area: Indicates the current UV pigment minus RGB color spots;

⑩ Black and white area: Indicates that daily sun protection is not done correctly, or sun protection products are not cared for correctly;

⑪ Skin aging: Indicates the prediction of future skin care without care;

⑫ Skin whitening: Display of the effect after skin whitening;

Make sure the makeup is clean before taking pictures. The higher the corresponding data percentage, the better the skin condition.

Why Is Skin Analysis Important?

Professional skin analysis machines can predict the trend of future skin in 3-5 years, which can be referred to customized skin management program.

Where To Buy Skin Analysis Machine?

Compared with other skin analysis machines, you will find out these advantages of Sincoheren skin analysis machines:

① Medical ABS material, environmentally friendly and safe;

② Foldable retractable protective cover to create the best shooting environment anytime and anywhere;

③ High-performance CPU + super graphics processor, bringing ultra-fast analysis experience;

④ Built-in large-capacity memory 64GB + expandable 32GB-256GB SD card memory, can save thousands of customer data and test reports;

⑤ 20-megapixel high-definition lens makes images more precise and analysis more accurate;

⑥ 10.1-inch touch screen, 1280*800 resolution, wide viewing angle for clearer testing and analysis of skin problems;

⑦ RGB+UV+PL three-spectrum imaging, more comprehensive detection, circular RGB lamp + 6 UV lamps + 6 PL lamps;

⑧ Big data AI calculation method, analyze RGB pores, RGB spots, RGB texture, PL roughness, UV acne, UV pigment, UV roughness, skin color uniformity, brown area, black and white area, skin aging, skin whitening;

⑨ Comprehensive comparative analysis is possible;

⑩ Including hierarchical management of beauty institutions;