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How To Grow Your Aesthetic Business?

Pulished on Nov. 09, 2023

How To Grow Your Aesthetic Business?


Okay. I'm so excited. All of us are so excited to have you join me today. It's really kind of like a learning experience for me to share with everybody. It's just to share my experience as a business owner. How did I start to introduce energy-based devices into my own clinics, and how did that help my clinic and business grow, it was just me to share my own experience, and hopefully it will help you. Okay, I'm really I do feel really privileged to be here.

So how to enhance your aesthetic business by incorporating energy-based devices?

There's a huge market behind energy-based devices. A was valued at 4.1 billion last year and is projected to triple the value in about 10 years. And how much of a share do you and I actually have in it?

Combining energy-based devices with injectables has been practiced successfully in the medical field for many years, and so much more in the last 10 years, I would say, in many successful aesthetic clinics. And I think a lot more become more noticeable with the celebrities. And they have a lot more energy-based devices, and treatments so people are more aware of it.

Aging is multilayered. It is not just simple, your cheek is flattened, you lost your fat pad, or your lip is lost. The volume, or a bit of wrinkle, I think, to just treating one area is the past. Now, really, if you want to achieve the best aesthetic treatments to deliver the best aesthetic results, you go to treat multiple areas and address them in different layers.

So is that the reason why you could is so important to combine the treatments with multiple modalities including energy-based devices?

And a lot of people are more aware of energy-based devices, and treatments and they are actually, they're actually asking for it. So be ready for your clinics.

So why do we choose energy-based devices?

It's like if you've got 2 boxes. You've got to have different tools. The more tools you have, the more treatment options you can offer, and the more treatment options you can offer, the more profit you have. Also, it opens up a new client base, who previously were very resistant to aesthetic treatment because of needles or knives. Nobody likes pain. Some energy-based devices give the option to give treatments that can overcome that barrier and attract new clients.

Actually, when you combine them in the right sequence with injectables, they actually enhance and complement each other, and make each other work better and more powerful. You notice that the results are better, faster, and the results enhanced.

And also energy-based devices give you very natural results. It's very difficult to give your fake results with energy-based treatment, and they give you a very good profit margin and return on investment. Especially, you've had people working for you because a lot more energy-based devices. Now, in the last 10 or 20 years, the technology has evolved so quickly, that they are actually really safe. If you have proper training, you can delicately delegate those tasks to other people to do the treatment for you. And then you can free up time and space and you can generate a lot of profit in return. So looking natural is I would say, the number one design the last 5 to 5 years.

You can see the celebrities, and you can see the press. More and more famous people have their lips dissolved, and you know they want to look natural. And a lot of my clients don't want to look fake. The first thing they want to say is, I don't want to look fake. I want to look natural. So looking naturally beautiful is not probably the driving force behind a huge market of innovative treatments, including biostimulation, such as pla, calcium, hydroxide, and the stem cells, a growth factor, etc., and energy-based devices are the perfect tool to achieve this really natural rejuvenation results, and it kind of attracts clients who previously are completely no, no, to aesthetics, because they think the aesthetics and injections gonna then go and go to make them look very fake.

So he is one everybody probably knows. Simon Cowell was very famous. I personally think he was very handsome, but somehow he had quite a revolutionary change in these aesthetics, and he did look him for a face very overfilled with Phyllis, and he actually had them dissolved, and he looks a lot better now.

And this another one everybody recognizes, went a bit too far. I think these are very important. Be aware of, this because these are the things that your clients see every day in, day out, and they don't want to look like them, because these produce an active image, and the stigma for aesthetics makes a lot of clients very rejected to set to treatments. So if you say, energy-based devices are actually producing natural enhancement that is going to open up a new client base for you.

So where do I start? For people who are still new to the energy-based devices market? I think it's really important to do your research. Only invest in technology, that's definitely going to be effective.

It has to make sense in your practice. It has to be tailored to your needs. So if you have clients mainly more mature age, like 40 plus, then I think starting with IPL or a fractional CO2 laser machine is probably a good option to go for because they are more targeted to mature skin and mature clients, and it is extremely important to get your skin sourced from a reputable company?

Shall I invest in the machine that kind of different things?

Or is it better just to do one thing at a time? I think it really depends on your clinic. If you have a few people working for you investing in professional beauty salon machines that do multiple things might not necessarily be the best option, because you can't free up the professional beauty salon machines when it is in use.

A more expensive professional beauty salon machine doesn't necessarily mean it's better quality. However, I wouldn't go for the cheapest one. The price is important, but it shouldn't be a determined point to determine which machine you're trying to get. I think the number one for me is always after-sales service, and it has to be ongoing support with marketing, training and technology, and technical support.

And eventually, the end is you're able to establish a good partnership with the professional beauty salon machines supplier. Because you kind of should really profit from each other, and it's a is ongoing partnership for me.

I would suggest, if you haven't started yet, the 3 professional beauty salon machines to start with, IPL, microneedle RF machine, and CO2 skin resurfacing laser.


IPL is not a laser. It used lights.

I'm not here to show everybody what different professional beauty salon machines do is really just a brief introduction to their main functions. So gonna go through them very quickly. 

IPL Laser is very effective in addressing age-related changes in skin and is great for pigmentation and talent, just Asia, such as Rosasia hot flushes, and it has a very low incidence of post-treatment. Hyperpigmentation in darker skin type compared to compared with laser treatment.

So combining IPL Laser is actually being practiced in a few studies in one of the studies. This is treating the net area in the population. 28 trans. Women with an average age of over 50, combining Ipl. With ablative, fractional, sooty laser treatment on the skin of the neck skin. An IPL showed significantly increased skin elasticity, reduced skin wrinkles, and improved skin texture. However, there is not a lot of study done about IPL combined with other ranges of treatments.

for next, I have done a few in my clinics, but I think one of the cases we talked about later might be shared with you about that experience.

RF Microneedling

So next one read, your frequency.

Radio Frequency is very relatively very minimum or noninvasive and extremely versatile, and is relatively safe on darker skin. It works by, tightening the skin and improving overall skin toes, and texture, and it's great for mild, moderate skin elasticity.

Use heat to apply to the skin to stimulate the generation of new collagen and elastin. And it is different from laser because it doesn't target the melanocyte in the epidermal layer, so the risk for it to cause hyperpigmentation after treatment is relatively low. So that's why it's quite versatile. Can be used on darker skin and usually requires multiple sessions.

Microneedle RF machine is probably one of the most commonly used. Non, I would say non-conventional treatments in the aesthetic clinics, and usually are used in combination with other treatments, such as serums, prps, and chemical pills.

It was by a delivery-controlled injury and then stimulated growth factors, causing new vascularization and collagen generation. Then it results in tissue remodeling which usually happens in the subsequent 18 months.

And when you combine a radio frequency microneedle machine with injectables in here, such as fire stimulators. There are some studies done about these combinational treatments, and they have shown that the combination treatment is effective. Very powerful treatment for marked skin damage, including stretch marks. 

Stretch marks are very common concerns in certainly in my client group a lot of them are due to rapid weight loss or pregnancy and childbirth. And it's actually really difficult to treat with other conventional aesthetic treatments.

Not anymore, since I brought in the radio frequency microneedle machine, and can be very effectively treated. So this is not my patient, this is a study and publication done by Doctor Joe Manny in May 2023, and this is a patient who had 3 sessions of microneedle 6 months after giving birth, and he can see a marked improvement in the skin laxity, texture, and the stretch marks. So that is quite remarkable.

Fractional CO2 Laser

I think this is one of my favorites in the way that it gives you speedy results and noticeable results. There are different types of CO2 laser machines for this ablative. There's no ablative, no fractional and it's been said is a gold standard treatment in practice in medical fields in the last 20-30 years, mainly plastic wars or dermatology treating Varia. Various skin conditions, mainly pigmentation, and scarring wrinkles use heat to stimulate collagen production. And I would say for us as a medical aesthetics in a non-hospital based environment. I would go for the best option, which I would suggest is the ablative but fractional CO2 laser machine because it combines both. The A gives you a better resource than the non-ablative CO2 laser machine. However, the downtime and the side effects are much less than the fully ablative CO2 laser machine.

This is the difference between the 3 different models of serial lasers. You can see the ablative resurfacing, fully ablative means that, you know, taking taken the top layer of skin off, and from that you can see the risk of pigmentations and scarring can be quite high. So you have to be quite careful, especially with people with risks. Kilo is glass or darker skin types from 4 to 6 long, ablative, fractional, sir. Resurfacing is the one once the other extreme. You can see the top lever skins protected, but it does go up deeper into the skin, dermis, and stimuli collagen production, and then the ablative, fractional, resurfacing kind of a bit of both, and that's the ones I would I have got, and it does a bit better both. So the results are better than the non-ablative. But the risks that happen with pigmentation scarring are less than the fully ablative ones.

So I'm gonna share with you a few case studies that are all my patients, and with permission of their of them, I'm allowed to share their case with you. So there are a variety, a variety of aids and ethnic backgrounds. Just give you a taste of my clinics. How I do the combined treatment together, and how I feel it is the best way of approaching the modern aesthetic treatment.

The first one is 38 years old. Female. I have no control indications no medical histories have got much of concerns, mainly fine lines skin pigmentations scars poor sizes the normal things you would expect in that kind of age group for females who want to look better for themselves skin type 3 hands very easily. want to look younger, but natural.

So we had 18 months of multimodality treatment plan. And time isn't the issue here. She'd rather have it done gradually, but achieve the right results. So I had multiple treatments with your commercial treatment, your Botox, your toxins failures with multiple areas in the face. We had started medical great skincare to optimize skin conditions with tretinoin and hydroquinone to suppress the pigmentation production in this lady to reduce the risks of post-inflammatory pigmentation, and side effects. And she had chemical pills. 3 sessions towards the end, just to give the skin a bit extra boost. She also had a skin booster 3 times. Towards the about the 12, 13, 14 months.

She had IPL twice at 6, the months 16 and 17, and at the end, she had one session of non-ablative fractional CO2 laser machine and a relatively low duel. I think it's about 13/14, because it's her first time, followed by stem cells. Skin boosts that immediately. Post CO2, and again for 7 days and she had 4 claw sprays to protect or prevent infections 7 days afterwards.

So this is her before and after you can see the marks increase in her skin pigmentation and her skin looks much younger and more radiant, and there's no makeup. and she just looks fresher. She doesn't look fake

So what is the outcome? So she had a minimum downtime of 3 days after the CO2 laser machine, which is remarkable, as I mean she is the first time she's had fractional CO2 laser. Now she had very naturally enhanced results which hopefully were lasting.

Its lasting results, and that she had noticed in multiple areas of aesthetic concerns that have been improved. So this is a day, one after day, 0, immediately after fractional CO2 laser, you can see the skin's red, a bit inflamed. They won a bit of flakiness on her skin. Day 2. Much improved day 3 much better.

So what I want to talk about is 1+1>3. Everyone knows 1+1>2. But I say, in the aesthetic world. Wouldn't you combine?

It should be devices with conventional treatment. You really make 1+1>3 or even more. The reason for this is that energy-based devices really enhance your injectables and injectables make the energy-based devices, and treatments much more powerful, and reduce the side effects and downtime so much better for her. I believe the reason why she she recovered so well and responded so well to a relatively low energy. Jules is only 13 because she used her skin to be ready.

She had her pigmentation very, very well suppressed, and she had stem cells immediately afterward, which forced her skin to recover overall results when you combine the right treatments together are intensified and are really cost-effective for the clients because imagine the results of having separate is going to be less than you actually combine them together appropriately.

The learning point for this case is not everyone wants quick results. Some are quite happy to take time to get the the right, the right look. and is really for most of my patients. I always tell them it's a journey, cause it doesn't take one day for you to become you know, to aid, because the best way of doing it is taking the right steps and doing it gradually and doing it right for to achieving the right aesthetic outcome is a journey. It's not just a simple, a couple of appointments to your lips, and do your cheeks and the gradual approach over a period of time actually build up your clients, confidence and your rapport with them, and you have a good relationship, and then encourage them to have more and more treatments with you in the future.

Client 1: IPL

So the next case is a 34-year-old lady. She's getting married in 6 months' time. So she came to me, saying, I've got wrinkles. I've got loads of pigmentation. Look, really racket. She had kids, and she has got sensitive skin apart from that. She doesn't have any other contract indications, but she hasn't got a lot of money left. She's got an expensive wedding to pay she had lip fitus years ago, but it's no other previous aesthetic treatment. So we sit down. We had a treatment plan. So it's a tailored 6-month multi-modality treatment plan again.

and the good thing for her as well as for me is because we are, we're able to do it. The combination treatment over 6 months time that we're able to spread across the cost over 6 months, allows her to budget and pay for all the treatment she want to have, which is a great incentive for her as well as for me, cause I don't think, looking back, if you say these are the treatments you got to pay upfront once or twice or 3 times, and I don't think she would be able to do it. So for her, we started number one always for me, to get her skin ready. So medical risking hair got her skin ready. Toxie injections a month for month, 0 and month, 4 for her wrinkles.

Her skin booster months, 2, and 3 had 4 facial filler treatments a month one and reviewed at month 3 to just tweak it. So she had multiple treatments again from the forehead, temple nose, lip, cheeks, jaw, line, teen, and tear troughs.

I kind, I think that's the the treatment she had. She had about 8 miles of filler. For her face, she didn't have. She had a new gym plasma and month 5. She only had one session because we didn't want to do another one too close to her wedding and I did because she has sensitive skin. I was very cautious with her, and after the treatment, she had knee infrared light red light therapy to aid her skin healing and to promote collagen production, she was also followed by 4 claw sprays for 7 days to prevent infection. So this is her. So this is before and after. I have to say she did not see the second picture.

She had no foundations. So that is her natural skin. She had, she said she had some mascara on her face on her eyelashes, and she had a bit of a concealer, a couple of concealers on her face, but just a couple of tiny spots because she was having acne having a bit of breakout on that time. But she had no foundations, you can see, is a marked improvement. She just looks much better and fresher, ready to get married. So out comes we'll become really good friends because of all the regular whimpers we have, and we end up seeing her probably every 2 weeks for all the treatments, and I was actually invited to her wedding. I couldn't go because I was on holiday, but she looked stunning, and a lot of people commented. She looked like a super a Movie movie star. She was over the moon with the results. And she said to me, her mom didn't even notice she had done it gradually over the period of 6 months. Because it looks so natural. She was so worried that she going so she's gonna look fake and now her mum is my new loyal client, who just had her lip fillers done last month, which she swore she was never going to have in her life, and she had it done, and her mom 2 days ago brought her daughter, her other daughter came to see me for her daughter's A/C treatments, and we're going to start her daughter on IPL.

And now her mum's also having her skin treated with energy-based devices treatments for IPL. Her mom had 2 treatments already, and she's gonna have them ongoing for the next few months, she's also booked in for skin booster chemical pills, and she is very interested in Serotasa and Hyphen January. And this client who got married is booking her husband in with me next for her, for his tear trough. So you can see that one client's your existing clients is going to be your is your is your best asset. If you do, if you concentrate on the quality and establish a good relationship with them, you gonna have lots of lots of clients coming into your door.

The learning point for her is incorporating. energy-based devices in your injectables really attract clients who want a natural look and a treatment plan actually means the plant at the clients have the option to pay over a period of time, which is great in incentives for both of you.

Combining energy-based devices would be able to help you achieve the aesthetic outcome much faster in a shorter time.

Client 2 :CO2 laser + RF Microneedling

So the next case study is a 65 years old, man. The first thing he said to me was that I just hate being old. That's what he said. I said. What do you want to change? I hate being old.

And then when I just try to elaborate a bit better, and she's Eve main concern is. He's scarring on his chin. He had a lot of other treatment with me, but for this case study, I'm just going to focus on his chin. So there's no contraindications, and he doesn't like needles. He wants a treatment that produces quick results. It's like a typical man, with no patience, and so we decided on the quickest way of achieving the results he wanted. Probably the fractional CO2 laser, because he had quite a marked pits and scarring on his chin. So we decided to combine a suitable laser and a filler, which the study evidence suggests. It's incredibly effective in managing post-surgical scarring.

And there's also I've been suggesting that combining a microneedle machine with the radio frequency could potentiate the results by improving the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

So for him, we had a 6-week treatment plan because he is very eager to get it done and done it quickly.

So eventually we managed to get 6 weeks out of him, and so his multi-modality approach again. So I got him on the skincare regime to optimize his skin condition. I have to be honest with you. He didn't stick with it because he said, it's just too too complicated for him. There are only 3 products, but he can't do it. So he didn't use that very much. He had neurotoxins and Phyllis on the chin and parallel area. She had. He had a skin boost test at month, 0 4 weeks, 0 and 4, followed by fractional CO2 laser, laser at week, 6 again I applied the one-off stem cell skin booster. Immediately post-procedure, followed by foreclose spray daily for 7 days.

He had 4 days of mild red, itching, and pilling, and there were no other complications. So this is him before and after. You can see after one treatment of fractional CO2 laser, a is a marked improvement in skin texture. He was very happy with with outcome. And to be surprised, he's he's going. He's going to come and come back for regular IPL.

Because of the relationship, we established because of the trust through all the different, treatments we had, he agreed to have his teardrop done because he really trusts crying out for some attention. But he was very resistant to start with eventually, because he trusted me now, and he wants to have it done, which is taken as a very compliment as a compliment. And he might even consider another session series in January.

Client 3: Fractional CO2 laser

So I've got a last case I call it a tweaky neck.

Because I don't know about your clinics, but in my clinic. A lot of my clients in 40 or 50, 60, 70 s. They were spending money and creams and things on their face, and suddenly, 5, 10 years later, the noted X got really wrinkly and was neglected. And this massive contrast

made a net look even more aging. So they come to me saying, Oh, my God, I need to do something about my neck. And with a conventional aesthetic treatment. It's actually, really, really challenging to treat necks because there are limited roles for aesthetic and neuron neurotoxins or Phyllis.

So I would like to share it with you with this case, because it is very lightning, in my opinion. So it's a 52-year-old lady who had Botox in the past. She had many concerns, but for this case she's her main concerns about sagging wrinkles and a wrinkly neck she's taking Hr. T. No other or no other medical conditions or in contradications. It took her a while to agree to have a fractional CO2 laser. She was very worried about downtime and she read a lot. She worries about a lot as well. And she didn't want to have a fake look, so we had a 6-week treatment plan for her next.

So start again. I'll get the skin prep preparation ready. Make sure that I think this is the foundation to minimize their side effects and downtime. We had 2 sessions of skin boosters at week 0, and 4 weeks had neurotoxins. Week 3 and a fractional CO2 laser, which is again ablative fractional CO2 laser at week. 6, with immediate steam cell booster post-procedure. Had 3 daily applications of stem cells and a thorough spray for 7 days.

So this is her 2 weeks post CO2, and he can see it. The difference is remarkable. She was over the moon with her results. She texted me, and she said, thank you now. My neck has never looked so good in 50 years, and, in fact, she said, she never thought my neck could ever look so good, so she's very, very happy with her neck. So, as I said, there are a lot of people more concerned about their necks now, and evidence suggests, that combining energy-based devices with conventional methods are safe and effective method of treating an aging neck.

And this is just this is not just my personal experience. If you look at the literature, there are quite a few studies done about combining energy-based devices with conventional treatment on the neck area, and the results are quite convincing.

So for her, the next steps are, the patient would like to start on HIFU for her seggi jaw lines and she also wants to start on IPL. And fat is his only injection for her thigh.

So learning points for her is, that she was initially very put off worried about the downtime side effects of CO2, and but I think the the skin, the skin boosters, and being able to combine the energy-based treatments with other injectables, really reduce the side effect and minimize the downtime, actually really boosted her confidence, and you can see that she's ready for her new adventure with a lot more energy-based treatments.

So there are safety and cautious, cautious about combining different treatments together.

And I think the number one rule is you. You must know your anatomy. You know your anatomy steps and layers of your muscles, and the skin, knowing which injections, or what treatments worked on which layers of your skin. There isn't any strong evidence out there to give you clear guidelines, guidelines on how to safely combine energy-based devices with injectables and a lot of the knowledge is really from the last 20 years of practice the 12 era.

There a many different opinions from from extremely relaxed about it, and there was some literature, saying that you can combine all the treatments doing one setting. There's no one. Why energy-based devices destabilize the Phyllis neurotoxins, however, for me, because of a lack of clear evidence guidance, I'd rather do it more cautiously. So I looked at other literature. So there was. You know they're saying that you, if I would rather stage these treatments if I have allergy-based treatments with, combined with Phyllis.

Especially if the fillers are deeper or in the same layoff of the skin where I'm gonna use energy-based devices to treat for neurotoxins. When you're combining energy-based devices with both neurotoxin treatments, I think there were some when you had injections.

So when you, after you have energy-based treatments, you usually would have a little bit of swelling, and that's just post-treatment swelling. And that's to be expected, and swelling would fundamentally affect the diffusion of the neurotoxins. And for me, that would somehow affect the neurotoxins, absorptions, and uptake by the muscles.

I would rather kind of having these treatments separately and swelling may also change an anatomical landmark. So while you're aiming at the muscles. It might, and not be as accurate after the swelling.

So I usually suggest treating with energy-based devices first, allowing the tissue to cool down and swelling to go away. Then treat winning neurotoxins.

In terms of our stimulators, which is a relatively new thing coming to the market. I have used a lot of our stimulators in the last 2 to 3 months now, and it's been hugely popular in my clinics. However, there aren't any clear studies on how to combine bowel stimulators with energy-based devices. So what I usually do is I usually would do the energy-based devices, and treatments first and wait for the T-shirt to recover. Usually say about 2 to 3 weeks depends what treatment you're having. And then we're going to do the bowel stimulators afterward.

So, in conclusion, I would say, that combining energy-based devices into your aesthetic business will definitely make your patients happier.

If you guide them, consent to them, and explain to them correctly that would definitely help of profit and help your business grow. and it will enhance your patient satisfaction and make the aesthetic results much faster and much more intensified.

Before you buy any professional beauty salon machines. If you haven't anything, you know, clinic or ready your research on your market, of your patient, your clients base what professional beauty salon machines right for your clinic, and choose your machine source carefully. I got most of my machines, quite a few but 3 or 4 from Sincoheren, and I have to say that after-sale support is remarkable keep up to date with your training, and be safe. And we are all still learning in this area about combining energy-based treatments with your normal conversion injectables.

But don't let that put you off, because for aesthetics, and is a fast-moving world, and is ever-changing every week or months, and if you don't stay on top of your game is out.

So that's my reference, which is a bit of a lot. So if you need any more details about reference which study you want. You can always email me or email Sincoheren. And I will get back to you, and thanks for listening, and I hope he's been helpful and I'm ready.

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