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How to enhance your aesthetic clinic andincrease your profit by incorporatingenergy-based devices?

Pulished on Oct. 18, 2023

The host we invited this time is not only highly experienced in the beauty industry but also remarkably successful in delivering the technologies to the patients. This is a lecture that will introduce you to how to increase your ROI with EBD (energy-based devices). We care more about how you can be successful instead of just owning the devices!

Host: Dr. Nan Jin (MBChB, MRCGP, DRCOG, DSFRH, DCH, BsC hons.) CEO of 2 successful clinics, 17 years of experience as an NHS medical doctor with a special interest in dermatology, women's health, and A&E.

Dr Jin is a GP with a great interest in aesthetics, she has developed her advanced aesthetic skills through the years. Dr Jin is experienced in a broad area of advanced aesthetic treatments and medical-grade advanced skin care. Her clinical experience as a general practitioner for many years has further enhanced her ability to provide outstanding aesthetic service. Dr Jin will ensure each individual client's expectations are sought after carefully and met with absolutely minimum risk and complications. Clients' satisfaction and safety are always her top priorities.

Dr Jin is especially skilled in carrying out advanced full facial assessment. Tailored to individuals, giving holistic advice on the most effective treatments to achieve maximum results. With years of first-hand clinical expertise, Dr Jin is able to manage mature women's skin issues and aesthetic concerns in a much more eye-opening holistic scope.

Being an Asian herself, Dr Jin has a great interest in understanding the differences in the definition of beauty in different cultures and ethnicities. She has studied extensively and developed an in-depth knowledge of delivering the most suited aesthetic treatment, based on the different facial anatomies and skin types among various ethnic groups and backgrounds.

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