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Why investing in an IPL laser machine is a great business move

Pulished on Feb. 14, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has overturned many assumptions, but it has also given rise to new and exciting trends in beauty. Take the IPL laser machine as an example! The demand for IPL treatments has skyrocketed. People are fed up by waxing and shaving and want to get rid of the hair problem once for all. 

Although the DIY beauty market has grown in popularity, with an increased focus on nail care, hair care, and cosmetics, there is still strong sales growth in non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

According to a report on the Global Medical Aesthetics Market, the market for aesthetic lasers will be worth $6.06 billion in 2026. It is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.6% from 2016 to 2026.

There are various factors behind the growth of the market for IPL hair removal machines! It includes an aging demographic, technological and social trends affecting public perceptions of beauty, and the increasing willingness of individuals to improve their physical appearance.

In addition to the proliferation of social-media users across all age groups, the influence of trendsetters has also brought about a growing demand for beauty, cosmetic, and aesthetic treatments and procedures.

The Benchmarking Company reports that according to its three 2020 studies, the appearance of one’s skin and hair is a priority among consumers in an effort to maintain good health during the pandemic. A total of 80% of those surveyed said that taking care of skin and hair was a way to reduce stress levels. According to another recent survey, 52% of previous spa clients returned to have a service performed at their spa in September 2020. The other 22% haven’t returned to the spas but are planning to go back.

Above statistics clearly show that investing in an IPL hair removal machine is a great investment. IPL machine manufacturers have given many reasons behind this surge in the demand of IPL laser machines. A Few of them are given below.

Why is the IPL laser machine so popular?

Several fundamental factors are responsible for the strength of the IPL industry. Read on to learn more.

Why investing in an IPL laser machine is a great business move

DIY doesn’t work:

There was a huge increase in self-service in the beauty industry. However, this came at the expense of other industries such as nail, hair, and cosmetics. However, certain types of hair removal require professional training and tools are not readily available at home.

IPL laser hair removal machines can be purchased via various channels (online and offline). But consumers don’t usually undergo these treatments at home. The machines are expensive and consumers prefer to have these treatments carried out by a professional beauty therapist. Not only does it feel safer, but they will also have access to the latest technology and advanced treatment options.

The ‘Do It Yourself’ approach may be fine for tasks like changing a light bulb or fixing a leaking tap but when it comes to your appearance, it’s best to leave things to the professionals. This is especially true when it comes to IPL laser machines involving potentially harmful light energy. So, if someone is interested in IPL, going to professionals is their only option.

Increased comfort:

Advanced devices such as SIncoheren IPL laser machines are virtually pain-free. At the same time, these systems increase safety and efficacy. IPL laser hair removal machine treatments are not exclusively offered at doctor’s offices. IPL can be performed in tanning salons, hair parlors, beauty shops, and other spas and salons that are certified to provide these procedures.

A growing number of consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of IPL hair removal machines, such as permanent hair removal or photo facial. And they want to enjoy these benefits without any pain, stress or discomfort. At the same time, they want to make sure that the treatment will be carried out in a safe environment and according to strict hygiene standards. Professional salons meet their needs by offering a safe environment.

Low risk:

Customers are increasingly turning to noninvasive treatments for hair removal, skin care, and hair restoration. IPL laser hair removal machines can be used to treat many common conditions, including hair removal, folliculitis (ingrown hairs), collagen remodeling, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and sallowness of the skin, pigmentation issues (including freckles, age spots, epidermal melasma and rosacea), broken capillaries and scars.

The adjustable pulse duration allows for a more accurate treatment, which reduces the chance of side effects such as burns or scarring. 

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing and the use of social media have increased customer engagement, built loyalty, and facilitated communication between businesses and potential consumers. Businesses can now send marketing materials to potential clients via email, post on social media, or text message. 

Couple this with greater access to both business- and home-based computers, cell phones, and other mobile devices, and it is easier than ever for businesses to engage customers by using direct marketing techniques. This can be done by creating a comprehensive marketing plan supported by the materials needed to carry out a direct marketing campaign.

Since the marketing is so easy and inexpensive, there won’t be any problem in getting the word around about the services you are offering. 

The only drawback:

IPL lasers are the go-to treatment for hair removal. But if you've been struggling with unwanted hair on your face, the cost associated with the IPL hair removal machine can be prohibitive.

The cost of IPL hair removal is a big factor in why so many people don't get it done. There are also less expensive ways to get rid of unwanted hair. Anything from prescription shavers to over-the-counter lotions and creams can be effective when used correctly.

Although the IPL laser machine is the gold standard for hair removal, it's also one of the most costly. It requires multiple visits to an actual laser center or medical office for treatments and maintenance, which means multiple trips to the doctor or salon.