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Who is an ideal candidate for a professional body contouring machine

Pulished on Dec. 25, 2021

Professional body contouring machine has made the dreams of many people come true. Whether you want to get rid of pounds of fat, inches of the skin or simply contour the area, body contouring machine has got your back! The efficiency and utility of these devices have attracted celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian.

Body contouring equipment is an excellent option for those who want to get their ideal physique without undergoing invasive treatments. For any spa or med-aesthetic clinic, wholesale body contouring machine is a must-have. But for any business to flourish, it will have to comprehend who the ideal customer is. When it comes to med-aesthetic machines, you have a plethora of options. If you are unaware of the other options, you can contact body contouring machine suppliers and they will guide you about the other alternatives. 

That being said, a body contouring machine is one of the best options out there if your patient has the following characteristics. But there are a few cases where you will have to opt for other options. To give you an example, most body contouring machine suppliers will not recommend chronically obese people to undergo body contouring machine treatment.

So in order to make sure that you will not regret your decision, we have created an article for you to comprehend who is an ideal candidate for a body contouring machine.

Who is an ideal candidate for a professional body contouring machine

What Is a body contouring machine?

Body contouring machine is a non-surgical way to remove fat from your body and tighten the surrounding areas to tone and contour. It can also be used as a tool for spot reduction. Our wholesale body contouring machine burns calories by targeting specific problem areas with micro-vibrations.

These low-frequency vibrations enhance the circulation of blood while also reducing cellulite. The vibrations in our wholesale body contouring machine are completely harmless and the most you will feel is a tingling sensation.

What to expect with body contouring machine treatments?

In less than six months, most patients see results when they follow their doctor's post-treatment instructions for diet and exercise. Most people opt for non-invasive procedures like body contouring machine treatment because it has no downtime (meaning there’s no recovery period). Patients experience minor discomfort during these sessions but it is bearable. The outcome is often a tighter appearance and improved contours.

Characteristics of the ideal candidate of professional body contouring machine:

BMI or body mass index:

BMI refers to the weight of a person in kilograms divided by the square of body height in meters. This index is essential because it will help the technician determine how much fat needs to be removed. If someone is moderately obese or has a mid-tier BMI, they are likely a good candidate for professional body contouring machine treatments.

Overall health

Wholesale body contouring machine treatments should not be received by those who have any type of medical condition that could potentially worsen with the procedure. It is also essential to make sure that you do not have any blood clotting. If you have vibration-related allergies, you might want to look for other options.


Both men and women can be candidates for a professional body contouring machine. Many people choose to undergo these treatments to achieve a more proportionate and toned appearance. If you are unhappy with your body shape or contour, you may be a good candidate for these procedures. Body contouring equipment treatments can provide dramatic results for both men and women. 

Skin types:

One of the best things about body contouring machine treatments is that people of all skin types can benefit. Whether you are looking to get rid of bumps or cellulite, tighten loose skin after pregnancy, or just generally want smoother and firmer skin, body contouring equipment treatments will help! 

Who is an ideal candidate for a professional body contouring machine

People who lead a healthy lifestyle:

A professional body contouring machine has a number of benefits but it is not an alternative to a healthy lifestyle. If you are thinking that body contouring machine will allow you to eat whatever you want, then you are wrong.

Body contouring machine suppliers clearly state that body contouring equipment is only effective if you keep your diet healthy and routinely hit the gym. This doesn’t mean that you will have to opt for strict keto diets! Just avoid junk food and you will be looking at a long-lasting contour impact.

People who are close to their goal weight:

The ideal candidates for body contouring machine treatments are people who have achieved their goal weight and want to smooth out any remaining bumps in the road or further refine an area that still needs a little bit of work.

Since body contouring machine suppliers don’t recommend body contouring machine for people who want to lose tens of KGs of weight, it’s perfect for those already close to their goal weight. 

Those looking for quick and convenient fat reduction:

If you’re looking for something quick and convenient, professional body contouring machine might be the right choice for you! In as little as one hour, you could see a noticeable difference in the contour of your body. Plus, there is no downtime needed after your treatment, so you can get back to your everyday routine immediately!

Who is not a candidate?

Anyone who wants to improve their overall appearance without surgery is qualified for this procedure. You might want to go through extensive weight loss before undergoing these procedures because they are targeted towards people who want to be just toned up. We will repeat it again, body contouring machine should not be treated as a body contouring machine. It targets stubborn pockets of fatty tissue that continue to exist no matter how much weight you lose. 

Smokers are also not best-suited for professional body contouring machine treatments since smoking compromises the healing process. Patients with autoimmune diseases or pregnant women should not undergo body contouring machine treatments either. 

If you have any further questions regarding who is a good fit for body contouring equipment, you can leave us a message and we will clear your confusion.