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Which fat removal machine can help you get rid of banana roll fat

Pulished on Jan. 21, 2022

If celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, have inspired you to tone your gluteal muscles, then banana rolls can get in your way. Many patients are trying to opt for different fat removal machine procedures to get rid of this irritating fat bulge. A huge number of aesthetic equipment manufacturers face such confused customers who don’t know which fat removal machine is best for treating their banana roll fat. That’s why we decided to jump in and create a detailed article to help you out.

Excess fat can form rolls under the buttocks, creating a lumpy appearance most noticeable when viewed from a side angle. These "banana rolls" can be caused by genetics and lifestyle factors in people of any weight range. Luckily, there are proven fat removal machine treatments that effectively remove banana rolls from the buttocks without surgical procedures. Here we discuss some of these effective banana roll treatments, including certain exercises as well as dietary recommendations.

Which fat removal machine can help you get rid of banana roll fat

What is banana roll fat?

A banana roll is a small pocket of fat that is present right below the buttock. While many people assume that a banana roll is an indication of obesity, it is possible for slim women to have one as well. The size and location of the banana rolls are affected by a person's weight.

Banana roll fat is so named for the way it resembles a rolled-up banana peel. It is a stubborn type of subcutaneous fat that builds up in the space between the buttocks and upper thigh. This wobbly type of fat sits just below the surface of the skin and is more difficult to remove than visceral fat, which sits deeper in the skin and tends to burn faster when you start a fat-targeting program like diet and exercise. 

The traditional way to get rid of banana roll fat effectively is by adopting a comprehensive approach that combines nutrition and the right exercises to break down the banana roll fat stores. Non-surgical treatments can also assist with this process by helping to accurately target fat in this zone with expert precision, helping to get rid of it as fast as possible.

How to lose banana roll fat surgically?

You can instantly reduce banana roll fat using a surgical approach like liposuction, which physically removes the fat. However, this procedure comes with side effects such as scarring and requires weeks of recovery time. Many people prefer to tone the buttocks with butt exercises, which can alleviate problems associated with banana rolls including protruding skin and cellulite.\

How to lose banana rolls naturally?

To get rid of fat rolls, you should eat a healthy diet while doing anaerobic and cardiovascular exercises. For example, you can try following a low-fat, high-protein diet while eating fewer carbohydrates and more protein to remain fuller for longer. You should also avoid sweet or fatty foods and replace these with fruit and vegetables to ensure that you are also benefiting from enough essential nutrients to help your body recover successfully from exercise. Over time, this diet and exercise strategy will reap impressive natural results. Your fat rolls might even disappear completely as a result.

Besides the obvious diet changes, you should also exercise regularly to lose excess fat. Patients may perform a variety of exercises aimed at reducing fat and building muscle around their buttocks. Over time, the muscles increase in size and firmness, making the buttocks look plump and well-rounded. The fat pocket below the buttocks reduces in size as a direct result of doing these exercises, which contract the thighs and butt muscles, so they build back stronger. 

There are some exercises that can help improve the appearance of the buttocks. These include squats, donkey kicks, hamstring curls, bridge walks, and swivel raises. Deadlifts can be used to build up the gluteal muscles. You can also incorporate yoga or Pilates to strengthen your muscles and reduce the amount of fat in your buttocks.

You will lose excess fat by reducing calories in your diet. To get rid of banana rolls, start drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. The amount can be adjusted based on your activity level and weight. Reduce your consumption of other beverages and foods that can increase your weight. Fruit juices, sodas, alcohol, coffee, and full-fat milk should be avoided. Aside from these, you can also try to avoid processed foods. Increasing your water intake can help flush out toxins in your body.

Diet and exercise are two of the most important steps to get rid of banana rolls. By cutting down on these components, you'll see a dramatic reduction in your banana rolls.

Fortunately, there are some proven easier methods for getting rid of banana rolls. Many of these methods are effective and will work for you. Instead of sweating at the gym, opt for the following fat removal machines and your banana roll fat will be a thing of the past.

Which fat removal machine can help you get rid of banana roll fat

Non-surgical and recommended banana roll fat treatments:

For patients who would like to reduce the fat around their buttocks, or for those unable to follow a challenging diet and exercise routine, Sincoheren offers two FDA-approved body-sculpting devices. 

The first non-invasive way of removing banana roll fat is the HI EMT machine. This non-invasive treatment uses a computer-controlled device to remodel the thigh muscles and reduce excess fat under the buttocks. The HI EMT machine works by delivering high-intensity electromagnetic energy to the targeted areas, creating an incredible amount of muscle contraction in the area. In a 30-minute session, the HI EMT machine procedure equates to doing 20,000 manual squats.

Cryolipolysis equipment is another non-invasive fat removal machine. Cryolipolysis equipment offers a safe, effective and affordable treatment for Banana roll fat. Most patients see visible results within three months of the treatment, with some people reducing the size of their thighs significantly. The cryolipolysis equipment is an excellent option for removing this unsightly problem. With the right combination of diet and exercise, this treatment can eliminate Banana Roll entirely. The procedure is inexpensive and can dramatically improve the appearance of the thighs.