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The principle of the new popular hiemt machine weight loss equipment

Pulished on Mar. 08, 2022

Recently, a new slimming and beauty equipment has swept the circle of friends. It is the hiemt machine. Since this shaping equipment was launched, people don't have to worry about the difficulty of gaining muscle. hiemt machine Plastic beauty equipment can increase muscle and reduce fat at the same time, so how does hiemt machine plastic beauty equipment achieve muscle increase and fat reduction?

The principle of hiemt machine is to use the non-invasive high-energy focused electromagnetic wave technology to stimulate the motor neurons of the body muscles through the energy output by the electromagnetic field, triggering the high-frequency strong contraction of the muscles. Part of the muscle fibers are broken, allowing the muscle to be deeply remodeled, that is, the growth of myofibrils (muscle gain) and the creation of new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), strengthening the muscle and perfecting the line. At the same time, strong muscle contraction consumes a lot of energy. energy, triggering a large amount of fat breakdown, so as to burn and reduce fat.

The hiemt machine muscle-building and fat-reducing shaping instrument has five modes: aerobic fat-reducing intensity interval training mode, muscle-building training mode, muscle strength training mode, strengthening muscle-building and fat-reducing training mode, and strengthening muscle building and muscle strength training mode. And all frequency programs are designed according to the feeling and effect of actual forging movement. In the past, the shaping was just a simple fat loss, leaving the regret that the body is not firm. And high-energy focused electromagnetic wave technology", its "muscle increase and fat reduction" function, break the previous fat reduction is not firm; hiemt machine: "muscle increase + fat reduction" in one step, easy to create a firm curve.

The principle of the new popular hiemt machine weight loss equipment

How does the hiemt machine plastic beauty equipment achieve muscle gain and fat reduction? In fact, whether it is to increase muscle or reduce fat, the purpose is to make your body look better. How does the hiemt machine shape and beauty equipment increase muscle? Due to factors such as aging, production, fat accumulation, and lack of exercise, muscle fibers become loose and thin, muscles become loose, collapsed, and weak, and the body appears loose and invisible. The hiemt machine muscle-increasing, fat-reducing and sculpting instrument acts on motor neurons to produce high-frequency contraction and relaxation, so that when the muscle is in a state of expansion and contraction, the myofibrils are slightly broken, which triggers the self-repair of the body muscles, and the protein molecules repair the broken fibers. After the action of the instrument, the muscle fibers become thick, strong, firm, and tough. The muscles become firm and elastic, and the body shape is full of lines. At the same time, the loose and weak muscles become firm and strong.

How does the hiemt machine shape beauty equipment reduce fat? hiemt machine transforms excess fat burden into beautiful energy. Fat accumulates in groups. As we grow older, our body metabolism slows down. Excessive calorie intake will be converted into fat, which will accumulate in the body and form a thick layer of fat, which will drag down our health and body shape. Fat decomposition and energy supply, hiemt machine plastic beauty equipment stimulates muscles to produce high-frequency limited contraction, and exercise requires a lot of energy, causing a large number of cellulite stored in the body to decompose and supply energy. Fat consumption reduces the cellulite after decomposing the energy supply, the cells are greatly reduced, and the adipose tissue becomes loose and sparse. The body's metabolism is accelerated, the cells are purer, healthier, and the body is beautiful.

hiemt machine is a weight-loss and muscle-building instrument that has become popular this year. In the past, the concept of weight loss often pursued weight loss and fat reduction. Various products on the market are mainly fat-reducing and ignore maintaining muscle mass. Whether there are lines or not is not the point. , With the fast pace of life and the pursuit of a quality life, a relatively healthy weight loss has become a trend of beauty. The appearance of the hiemt machine, a muscle-building and weight-loss instrument, makes people's body curves more consistent!

hiemt machine muscle-building and fat-reducing instruments exceed the limits of human muscle movement. When doing general exercise, the brain will send information to stimulate motor neurons, and only 20-30% of muscle fibers will be active. hiemt machine uses H-EMT technology to directly stimulate motor nerves element, making nearly 100% of muscle fibers active. Efficiently burn fat cells and excrete them from the body through metabolism; at the same time, quickly increase muscle tissue and protein chains, increase muscle thickness and density, and quickly strengthen muscles, and easily have perfect abdominal muscles and mermaid lines.

The function of hiemt machine muscle increase and fat reduction instrument:

1. The hiemt machine has special muscle-building modes for different parts, so that the hips can be lifted without reducing the chest, the thighs, the arms, the abdominal muscles, and the waistline can be trained”;

2. Improve the buttocks: Regardless of the changes in the arms caused by age, the loss of elastic collagen and muscles, it can also make you have a buttocks;

3. Lying down to lose fat: HI-EMT is a beauty instrument that allows you to lose weight and burn fat to increase muscle while lying down.

The fat-reducing technology of hiemt machine can make the autologous muscles expand and contract continuously, and training can reshape the internal structure of the muscles, that is, the growth of myofibrils and the production of new proteins and muscle fibers. Gain muscle for fat loss.

The travel of this instrument can not only be used in the beauty salon but also in the gym. For those who often go to the gym, they just want to lose fat and have abdominal muscles, and the hiemt machine can make you feel better after exercising. The abdominal muscles are more obvious, which can also increase the customer's experience for the gym.