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Principle and function analysis of ultrasonic machine (7D hifu machine)

Pulished on Mar. 10, 2022

Working principle

7D hifu machine and ultrasonic scalpel belong to the same type of beauty treatment equipment. Both of them use the principle of ultrasonic heating to make the skin subject to controllable damage, thereby activating the skin's self-healing function, stimulating skin tissue renewal, thereby accelerating skin metabolism and replacing it with new skin tissue. old skin tissue to make the skin look younger.

Principle of ultrasonic heating: According to the molecular kinetic theory, matter is composed of a large number of molecules, and the molecules are in a never-ending motion. Of course, this motion is in the form of vibration. The frequency of molecular motion is high. When the frequency of the ultrasonic wave is the same as the natural frequency of the molecules that make up the substance, it will cause the resonance of the molecules, so that the vibration amplitude of the molecules is greatly increased, and the increase in the amplitude of the molecular vibration will collide with other molecules similar to it, so that a large number of molecules in the entire substance are caused. The intensity of the random motion of molecules increases, and the temperature rises rapidly.

So how do 7D hifu machine and ultrasonic machine go beyond the surface of the skin and directly heat the deep skin? Everyone knows that a magnifying glass can gather sunlight to a small spot in the sun. Ultrasound beauty equipment uses the principle of focused ultrasound to heat a little bit. Although the superficial skin has ultrasound passing through, the heating power is relatively small here, and the superficial skin does not can be damaged by high temperature. The deep skin is at the focal point of ultrasonic heating, where ultrasonic waves from multiple directions are concentrated, so the skin heats up extremely rapidly, and the temperature rises enough to degenerate the skin tissue and cause damage to the deep skin.

Principle and function analysis of ultrasonic machine (7D hifu machine)

There is no difference between the 7D hifu machine and the ultrasonic machine in terms of working principle, but the 7D hifu machine is a new ultrasonic beauty instrument, which is more than the traditional ultrasonic machine (3 probes, the depth of action is 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm respectively. ) with 4 more probes (the depth of action is 2.0mm, 6.0mm, 9mm, 13mm respectively). Therefore, compared with the 7D hifu machine, the ultrasonic machine has a smaller skin depth range, and the 7D effect has a wider depth range and can solve more skin problems.

Second, hifu machine instrument function

1. Stimulate the repair and regeneration of skin collagen fibers and elastic fibers within the dermis layer. At this level, fine lines on the skin surface, nasolabial lines, mouth lines, crow's feet, etc. can be solved;

2. Acting on the skin and fascia layer, high temperature causes the fascia layer protein to denature and shrink, thereby lifting the skin, which is mainly used to solve the problems of skin relaxation and sagging;

3. Acting on the subcutaneous fat layer, high temperature causes fat degeneration and necrosis, and then metabolizes the fat layer to thin the fat layer. It is mainly used to solve the problem of excessively thick fat layer, and to dissolve fat and shape the body.

3. Matters needing attention

1. Ultrasonic scalpel and 7D only have no wounds on the skin surface, but they are not harmless to the skin. Irregular and unprofessional operations can easily cause deep skin burns, resulting in irreversible skin damage and permanent pigmentation. Therefore, the operation of such projects must be equipped with professional operators;

2. Genuine ultrasonic scalpel and 7D are very expensive. At present, there are a large number of imitation instruments on the market, and the price is relatively cheap. It is necessary to pay attention to the screening of instruments. Imitation instruments are not only difficult to achieve the effect of genuine instruments, but also prone to side effects, which will cause unnecessary harm to customers;

3. Although the immediate effect of ultrasonic scalpel and 7D is relatively obvious, and the skin surface is not damaged, the project time is short, but it does not require recovery at all. In order to achieve better therapeutic effect and avoid side effects, it is necessary to remind customers of postoperative precautions.