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Permanent diode laser hair removal machine

Pulished on Dec. 23, 2021

Diode laser hair removal machine mainly refers to a method of using laser equipment to remove hair. Compared with epilators, hair removal creams and hair removal patches, hair removal surgery needs to be performed by a professional beauty salon to ensure the hair removal effect. Moreover, depilation performed by depilation surgery is a permanent depilation, while epilators and depilatory creams are temporary depilation.

The diode hair removal machine manufacturer in the field of skin laser pointed out that laser hair removal diode laser hair removal machine uses a hair removal device to emit a strong pulsed beam that acts on the roots of the hair follicles, and uses its instantaneous blasting heat energy to destroy the activity of the hair follicles, so that the hair is no longer Long, achieve a permanent hair removal effect. Because the laser has strong photothermal selectivity, the laser of a specific wavelength can only be absorbed by the corresponding pigment cells, so there is no damage to the surrounding normal skin, and it is a safe and fast method.

Freezing point hair removal: Freezing point laser hair removal uses the gold standard 810nm semiconductor laser for laser hair removal. The diode hair removal machine manufacturer uses a specially designed double-pulse laser to irradiate the skin with a lower energy density and heat the skin tissue through the first laser pulse of the epidermis. As with the hair follicle, the second pulse selectively raises the temperature of the hair follicle to about 45 degrees. The sliding 10 Hz laser ensures that the hair follicle is maintained at this temperature for a period of time, and the hair follicle and growing stem cells lose their growth activity, thereby achieving permanent hair removal. Freezing point hair removal device: The biggest difference in mechanism between ice point hair removal and traditional laser hair removal is: traditional laser hair removal requires instantaneous high-energy burning of the hair follicles, while ice point hair removal gently deactivates the hair follicles automatically, so it can achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal without excessive Irritating the skin to avoid pain or risk.

808 hair removal machine hair removal: The 808 hair removal machine laser hair removal technology combines vacuum technology. The skin is gently sucked into the treatment head through vacuum negative pressure. After the skin is stretched and thinned, it will make the hair more accessible to the laser and reduce the skin. The density of melanocytes reduces the absorption of energy by the skin epidermis, so that more energy is absorbed by the target melanin, heat is accumulated, and hair follicles are destroyed, so that the hair loses the ability to regenerate and achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. 808 hair removal machine hair removal is the most ideal permanent hair removal technique. Compared with other hair removal methods, the speed of hair removal is greatly increased, and the treatment time is shortened by 75%; and 808 hair removal machine hair removal is truly painless. Hair removal, the pain index is only 0-1, and the patient feels almost nothing; and more importantly, 808 hair removal machine is suitable for permanent hair removal of all skin types and can meet the needs of different patients.

Permanent diode laser hair removal machine

After phototherapy or exposure to the sun, the skin is irritated and damaged, the production of ceramide and filaggrin are reduced, the "brick wall structure" of the skin is destroyed, the skin barrier function is reduced, and the rate and degree of absorption of substances increase. At this time, the skin is fragile and easy Sensitive. If you can’t supply nutrients in time to promote its recovery, it may cause pain, dryness, desquamation, and allergies, which may cause side effects such as discoloration and scars, and even cause excessive contrast of light energy during the second phototherapy care. The risk of turning black. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce professional post-phototherapy repair products. After laser equipment treatment; photon equipment treatment; after sun exposure; other photoelectric equipment treatment; daily care, etc.; in these cases, post-phototherapy repair products are required. The GSD professional phototherapy postoperative repair product series has attracted attention because of its immediate repair within 24 hours and full repair within 28 days.

1. Please avoid sun exposure within half a year after laser hair removal, and use the sunscreen lotion indicated by beauty salon to apply to the affected area to reduce sun exposure.

2. After depilation, the depilated area may have slight redness and swelling, skin sensitivity and hot or itchy sensation. If you feel pain, apply ice to relieve the pain.

3. Be careful not to scald the depilated area with hot water and scrub vigorously. The laser hair removal device uses the latest patented technology to optimize the wavelength of the laser and unique cryoprotection. During the treatment, the local epidermis is cooled to minus 5 degrees Celsius, just like in the summer, there are icy snowflakes drifting and clear. Cool, the skin will become fairer and more elastic after treatment, so it is called "snow skin". Moreover, this system is based on the principle of selective light and heat, which can select energy parameters that change the hair but have no adverse reactions to the skin as the treatment parameters, so it will not cause any blistering burns to the skin and the surrounding tissues of the hair follicle, nor will it affect the secretion of the skin sweat glands.

Permanent hair removal price

The price of hair removal is affected by diode hair removal machine

Due to the differences in the technical diode hair removal machine equipment used in hospitals and the level of doctors, many professional and regular hospitals adopt international advanced treatment equipment and treatment operations, which can not only achieve good armpit hair removal results, but also shorten the time and frequency of hair removal. , The price of diode hair removal machine will naturally be different from ordinary equipment. Therefore, to remove armpit hair, you must choose a professional and regular hospital and use sophisticated equipment for hair removal.

Hair removal is affected by beauty salon skills:

Although hair removal is very simple, it only takes 30 minutes to complete, but the skills of the beauty salon play an important role. How to adjust the wavelength, energy, and pulse width to the best value, not every beauty salon can do the best. There is a big difference between ordinary beauty salon and diode hair removal machine manufacturer, and the effect of hair removal by diode hair removal machine manufacturer is better. This is why the cost of hair removal by diode hair removal machine manufacturers is higher.

The price of hair removal is affected by the thickness of the hair:

If the hair is thick and thick, it will be completely removed after repeated depilation. That is to say, the depilation process and the number of depilation will take many times. The size and thickness of the depilation determine the number of depilation, and the number of depilation determines the cost of depilation.

The price of hair removal is affected by the hospital level

The hospital is backed by equipment, diode hair removal machine manufacturer, and technology. The overall strength of a plastic surgery hospital affects the final results of all operations. Therefore, it is important to choose a hospital. Hospitals with strong comprehensive strength, excellent diode hair removal machine, excellent diode hair removal machine manufacturer, excellent technology, reasonable price for hair removal, and no arbitrary charges.