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How to find clients after you have bought a body contouring machine

Pulished on Dec. 17, 2021

Bought your body contouring machine? Now, what next? You most probably will be worried about how you are going to invite new clients! If you already are a practicing esthetician, you most probably know that finding clients is not a walk in the park in today’s competitive world. After you have invested your hard-earned money on body contouring equipment, you definitely need clients to make a profit or at least, recover your investment. Let body contouring machine suppliers with years of experience teach you the art of attracting clients.

One way to find new clients after you’ve bought a body contouring machine is to leverage your current customer base. Successful business owners utilize happy customers’ opinions to attract new customers. For example, you could ask happy clients to refer their friends or spouses to your practice. Additionally, ask clients for reviews on social media or your website. This will attract new customers who are searching for professional body contouring machine services on the web.

But this isn’t enough! In our years of experience as a beauty machine manufacturer at Sincoheren, we have found that retaining clients is more important and difficult than finding new ones. That’s why in this article, we have included a few tips that body contouring machine suppliers give to upcoming brands. Sincoheren has been a beauty machine manufacturer for quite some time and has some experienced-based information that can help you.

How to find clients after you have bought a body contouring machine

Find the influencers in your circle.

Now that you've got your wholesale body contouring machine made by a beauty machine manufacturer, it's time to find clients. And what better way to do that than by teaming up with some of the most influential people in your community? Always be on the lookout for local influencers that can spread the news about your services in your targeted market. 

Influencer Marketing is a popular trend these days, but it doesn't have to be limited to celebrities with millions of followers! You have micro-influential people are all around, you just have to find them. Keep looking until you've found someone whose content aligns with body contouring equipment or related services. You never know, that person's followers might be the perfect market for your new body contouring machine. 

Partnership opportunities are everywhere, so always be on the lookout for potential partners. Whether it's a well-known influencer or one of your most loyal customers, make sure you reach out and see if there's a way to work together. Who knows, with a bit of luck, you may just find the perfect customer base!

Outreach is critical.

Now that you have your body contouring machine, it is important to market it to the right people. One great way to do this is by reaching out to the bloggers or websites that work in your niche. However, you can't just contact them when you need something, you need to build relationships with them beforehand.

Be sure to connect with reporters and editors who might be interested in writing about your body contouring machine treatment. When you have a good relationship with them, they will be more likely to write about you when you reach out. And who knows, a feature in a major publication could be just what you need to jumpstart your business!

Offer these influencers or bloggers a free or discounted service in exchange for a shoutout or post online.

Leverage your network

This can be as easy as using your social media accounts to promote the business. If you have a few hundred Facebook friends, ask if they know anyone who might be interested in body contouring equipment services, and then offer that person a referral reward.

You could also consider hiring a professional marketing firm that has connections to their networks of people or other companies that would benefit from your professional body contouring machine services. You can use traditional advertising methods such as online ads, and print flyers that won’t cost you a fortune. Join industry-related organizations where you can network with other professionals in your area or even hire an outside consultant with excellent industry ties.

Leverage your network by asking friends on social media or real-life if they know anyone who could use your professional body contouring machine services.

How to find clients after you have bought a body contouring machine

Offer free consultations

Whether you're a plastic surgeon, esthetician or technician, sample consultations are another great way to reach out to potential clients. If you offer body contouring machine services, consider offering free 15 minute consultations for first-time clients. The clients will feel that there is nothing wrong in giving you a try since they aren’t spending any money.

Reward Your clients with loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to show your appreciation for your current clients and encourage them to keep coming back. They can also be a great way to attract new customers, as research has shown over 40% of new clients come from referrals. There are various ways you can set up a loyalty program for your body contouring machine business. Still, some common examples include giving clients a free professional body contouring machine service after they've booked a certain number of appointments or after they've spent a certain amount of money. You could also create a points-based system where clients earn points for every dollar they spend or every service they receive. These points can then be redeemed for discounts on future body contouring machine treatments.

No matter what type of loyalty program you create, be sure to clearly explain how it works and what clients need to do to participate. Some businesses offer a punch card-type system where clients can receive a free service after they've reached a certain number of appointments or treatments. 

Whichever beauty machine system you choose to implement, just make sure your patients know about it! If they don't, there's no incentive for them to come back again and again. Be sure to let new customers know about your loyalty program during their first body contouring machine appointment.

With these tips, there is nothing holding you back. Head out to the wild and find yourself some clients!