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How to address your client's skin care needs regarding professional esthetician equipment

Pulished on Dec. 13, 2021

Professional esthetician equipment is still a controversial subject. With so many myths and so-called experts on the internet, the average person is confused. There are a number of studies showing the benefits of machines like body contouring machine and ipl laser hair removal machines. But still, when it comes to the body of someone, people are hesitant.

As a beauty machine manufacturer, we deal with hundreds of such people who want to undergo a specific treatment but are having second thoughts. If you are an esthetician or working in the personal care industry in any capacity, it is necessary for you to deal with such persons in a professional way. In this article, we will break down how you can make people comfortable with your medical beauty equipment treatments.


How to deal with confused newcomers in a nutshell!

 Here are a few tips for addressing your clients' skincare needs:

1. Assure your client that they are in good hands when they call you.

2. Ask your client what is causing concern with their skin at this time or what longer-term issues are of concern to them. If it’s not clear enough from looking at pictures, ask specific questions depending on the treated condition.

3. Advise your client on professional esthetician equipment they might want to try before opting for surgical treatments.

4. Educate your clients on the importance of a skincare routine and good habits that will help keep their skin looking its best.

5. If a client is seeking medical beauty equipment treatment for acne, rosacea, or another condition, be sure to explain all the available treatment options and what you think would be the best course of action for them.

6. Help your clients set realistic expectations for their skincare goals. Also, advise how often they will need to come in for treatments to achieve them.

7. Let your clients know about any upcoming skincare treatments or products you think they might be interested in.

How to win the trust of your clients!

Not all skins are the same:

Identifying your client's skin type is important to address their skincare needs. Make sure to discuss the client’s skin and concerns with them. And you can also reach your skincare equipment supplier for some professional suggestions if you stumble upon issues that you can’t tackle down for your customers.

Look at your client's skin under natural light to help determine their skin type. Your client’s skin may not be the same as someone else who has the "same-looking" type of skin. So you will need to use this technique to identify your client’s skin type accurately.

You need to understand how each skin type responds differently when using different medical beauty equipment. By knowing these differences, you can better provide services that benefit your client’s needs. You should also consider your client’s environment, lifestyle, and stress levels while suggesting them a treatment. For example, if someone lives in a dry climate or works in an office with air conditioning, their skin will likely be drier than those who live in a humid climate and work outdoors. When it comes to medical beauty equipment, this small difference plays a huge role.

Once you have identified your client’s skin type, only then you can provide them with professional esthetician equipment treatment services that will address their specific needs.

Be compassionate and understanding

When anyone comes to you with a skincare concern, the first thing you want to do is to be understanding and empathetic.

Be patient, take your time in order not to rush into anything! The client is already feeling anxious about their current issue. You should also ask what brings up anxiety, so make sure there is enough empathy on both sides before addressing any concerns or advising any medical beauty equipment treatment. Establishing trust is a key element in any professional relationship, so make sure that your client knows that you have their best interests at heart.

They might also need some reassurance that the issue at hand can be resolved. Again, this is where your compassion comes in handy. Remain positive, and let your client know that your medical beauty equipment can help them.

Be mindful of their budget. Not everyone can afford expensive professional esthetician equipment treatment, even if they are necessary. 

Building a relationship with clients is an esthetician’s most important thing to maintain a successful business. By being compassionate and understanding, you show them that you care about their well-being, not just their skin. This builds trust and encourages clients to come back for future medical beauty equipment treatments.

How to address your client's skin care needs regarding professional esthetician equipment

Perform a skin analysis:

Skin analysis by skin analysis machine is a process of identifying the conditions and factors that have contributed to your client's skin issues. You will want to take note of congested, red, or sensitive skin, breakouts from acne outbreaks due to diet, medications or other factors.

Once you have found the root of their problem, you can then apply different treatments with our skin care equipment wholesale supplies, and service. We are a skin care equipment supplier that offers different skin care and treatment equipment for beauty salons and cosmetic clinics.

Identify the concerns of your client:

Your clients may feel uneasy with concerns about their skin, but reassure them and help them relax. They have come to the expert, and you will help them be on their way to healthy skin in no time.

After you’ve completed your skin analysis, it’s important to find out exactly what factors they are most concerned about. Be sure to interview them thoroughly so that you can be clear on which areas of their skin they want most improved. Also, don't hesitate to let them know whether or not a dermatologist instead of an esthetician would better address certain concerns. If your client is interested in having long-term changes to their skin, let them know all of the professional esthetician equipment treatments that you can offer and how much time it will take. 

Recommend professional esthetician equipment treatments:

Based on your findings from the skin analysis and interview, you need to recommend professional esthetician equipment that will help improve their skin condition. It’s essential to remember that each client’s skin is unique, so what works for one person might not work for another. When recommending a procedure, you can show or tell the stories of your past satisfied clients. More info about medical esthetician equipment, reach out to beauty machine manufacturers.