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Do You Need A Skin Analyzer?

Pulished on May. 07, 2021

Why do we need to look after our skin? Everyone wants healthy skin, so they choose a variety of ways to keep it healthy. However, everyone has a different skin type and the best way to determine your individual skin type is to have a professional skin analysis- facial skin analyzer.

There are many benefits to this analysis. You will learn how to take better care of your skin because you will understand your biggest areas of concern and how best to treat them. Some people don't seem to have any problems with their skin but may still choose to have a personal skincare analysis to discover their skin type and how to make their skin healthier and younger.


Do you need a skin analyzer?

There are people who believe they don't need it because they have oily skin, and there are also people who wake up in the morning seeing how their skin looks bright and plump but wondering why they still break out. If you have a skin analyzer machine, you will be able to tell if your new routine or product is really working deep in your skin, not just the outer look of your skin.

Facial Skin Analyzer

Benefits of a skin analyzer

Advanced technology- fastest facial skin analyzer

The most advanced analysis system for skin testing, which is called "skin CT machine", Obtain facial skin image conditions through 28 million high-definition pixels, adopt 8-spectrum imaging technology, Al face recognition technology, deep learning technology, 3d simulation technology, cloud computing, and cloud storage, and perform surface and deep quantitative analysis.


It can detect 14 skin health indicators. Comprehensive analysis and assessment of skin problems, so that scientific and accurate management of the skin can be carried out with reasonable evidence!

It can quantify and qualitatively analyze the number of pigmentation, density of pigmentation, number of pores, number of wrinkles, etc., as well as the different degrees of damage to the skin caused by bad cosmetics, UV rays, or sunlight, etc. to make accurate diagnosis and analysis.

Seeing is believing

Unfortunately, many people don't believe the condition is serious unless they are physically aware of it. For example, if you were to tell a patient that they may have dry skin and need to moisturize, they may follow your advice, or they may do what they think because their skin looks good and they don't feel they need your expert opinion. However, if you use a skin analyzer, you can show them where their skin problems are. You can also show them a digital image of their actual skin.

Unprecedented understanding

With this new advanced skin analyzer, now is the future. The skin analyzer will enable us to diagnose with greater clarity and certainty. Not only that, but we will also be able to suggest beneficial treatment plans that target problems deep within the skin. To stay at the forefront of providing quality skincare for your patients and clients, a skin analyzer will be your answer.


Keep your patients informed by providing them with stunning and clear images and videos of their real skin and keep yourself ahead of the curve with the latest technology. If you want to know the skin analyzer price and why they could be beneficial to your clinic, office, or spa, please contact us.