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What is the best facial machines for estheticians?

Pulished on Oct. 13, 2023

What is the best facial machine for estheticians?

When it comes to professional facial machines, PDT LED skin care machines, HIFU machines, fractional CO2 laser machines, microneedle RF machines, oxygen facial lift machines, 980nm diode laser machines, and other wholesale professional beauty machines are suitable for dermatologists and estheticians.

It is hard to say which one is the best facial machine for estheticians, each professional facial machine has its advantages.

HIFU Machines

HIFU machines are one of the most popular facial machines for dermatologists and estheticians. HIFU(High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a non-invasive technique that uses ultrasound to treat the skin with very high-frequency acoustic waves. HIFU Machine, which has been proven to be outstanding in providing safe, long-lasting, and effective results without any need for surgery or recovery time, is effective for wrinkle removal, body slimming, face lifting skin tightening, and more.

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PDT LED Skin Care Machines

PDT LED light therapy machines are innovative skin rejuvenation therapy machines that emit photon light energy on the skin through scientific white light emitted from the LED lamp. LED PDT(Photodynamic Therapy) is a non-invasive treatment method that uses specific wavelengths of LED light to illuminate the skin, helping to improve a variety of skin problems and promote healing. It can help reduce wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines, aging spots, stretch marks, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc., as well as a cosmetic treatment, applicable for sub-healthy and dry, allergic skin, and facial nerve numbness, spastic patients.

PDT led light therapy benefits:


     High security;

     Can target a variety of skin problems;

     Promote healing and regeneration;

     No recovery period;

     Can be combined with other therapies.

LED PDT light therapy is a relatively risk-free treatment. It's rare to experience side effects, such as increased inflammation, rash, redness, and pain. For safety, make sure the LED PDT light machines you ordered are marked "FDA cleared" or "FDA approved".

Fractional CO2 Laser Machines

Fractional CO2 laser beauty machine promotes new circulation and helps shrink and make skin tighter, smoothing and renewing damaged areas such as jowls, old scars, stretch marks, and vaginal. Sincoheren's FDA-approved fractional CO2 laser machines are effective and safe while reducing recovery time.

Fraction, or fractional laser, is a powerful technology that can be used via laser treatment to remove part of the skin, referred to as a fraction. This treatment is typically performed to treat skin, in the form of a scar, that has been damaged by excess sun exposure, aging, or medication, such as Accutane and antibiotics.

Application of Fractional CO2 laser machine:

     Skin Rejuvenation: Facial rejuvenation; Photoaging; Wrinkles (crow's feet, necklines, wrinkles around the mouth, etc); Enlarged pores; Sagging skin.

     Scars: Trauma scar acne; Sore scars.

     Postpartum RepairStretch marks.

     Benign PigmentsAge spots; Sunspots.

     Benefits of Fractional CO2 Laser Machine:

     a) The treatment effect is good, and it is known as the "gold standard" for the treatment of photoaging;

     b) CO2 laser has coagulation properties and has a hemostatic effect, with only occasional bleeding spots during treatment;

     c) The skin tightening is very obvious after treatment;

     d) Treatment of photoaging and scars can achieve at least 50% improvement;

     e) The thermal stimulation of dermal collagen produced by CO2 fractional laser will continue to improve up to 6 times after laser treatment. Within months, the long-term effect will be better;

     f) The scar improvement is far better than other lasers;

     g) The number of treatments is significantly less than that of other lasers.

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Mriconeedle RF Machines

RF Microneedling Therapy, also known as RF microneedling, is a non-invasive way to stimulate new collagen production. RF microneedling removes fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, acne marks, and stretch marks, and prevents the formation of hyperpigmented hyperkeratotic patches on sun-exposed areas. RF fractional micro-needling treatment is done by heating cells on the surface of the skin with radio frequency waves to increase blood flow and liquefy the tissues and has been widely used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to improve the texture and appearance. The treatment of fine lines and wrinkles by a safe, painless, non-surgical procedure.

Oxygen Facial Lift Machines

The oxygen facial lift machine is a professional multifunctional special design facial machine that can cleanse, hydrate, and resurface the face and body simultaneously, using an aerating and purifying oxygen-powered process. It integrates various parts for precise treatment. Take 9 in 1 oxygen facial machine for example, it combines nine types of advanced technology in one machine, including hydra dermabrasion, bio microcurrent, vacuum pen, spray mist gun, photon light, ultrasonic, dermabrasion, high frequency, and skin scrubber. All these eight handles can fulfill everything you need for your beauty parlor and spa services.

Professional facelift machines can be applied to fulfill these needs below:

     a) Deep cleansing of skin;

     b) Skin whitening and smoothing, tightening and facelift, removal of eye bags and dark circles;

     c) Acne: blain acne, crusted acne, allergic acne, papilla acne, improve the appearance of lipid skin and acne pit;

     d) Scar removal: all kinds of scars, such as scars left by laser, burn and surgery, etc;

     e) Reduce wrinkles around the edge, and furrow;

     f) Hair regrowth: it has a good effect on alopecia areata, malignancy hair loss, etc;

     g) To improve allergic skin;

     h) Replenishing skin;

     i) Tired skin and improved gloomy yellow skin;

Skin Analysis Machine

Skin analysis machines are not necessary machines for dermatologists and estheticians. However, they can help to analyze the skin status to suggest improvement. According to the test results, the Magic Mirror Max skin analysis system recommends products for customized skin management programs and predicts the trend of future skin in 3-5 years.