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The Principle of HIFU Wrinkle Removal


Why use ultrasonic scalpel?

1. The ultrasonic scalpel is an anti-aging high-end skincare product

Ultrasonic scalpel anti-aging is a non-invasive treatment with small trauma and no damage to the epidermis. The operation can accurately grasp the depth of treatment. The energy is precisely focused on the deep tissues without scalding the skin. The treatment effect is significant, safe, and reliable.

2. 1 ultrasound scalpel is equal to 1000 beauty skincare

Go deep into the surface of the dermis to restore the most beautiful state of the skin, the strongest age-defying artifact in the beauty industry.

3. "Lunch break" cosmetology

It does not affect work and life. It is the most popular lunch beauty nowadays. There is no trace of facial skin after the operation.

HIFU Machine

Ultrasonic scalpel (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, abbreviated as HIFU), Ulthera extreme sonic lift originated in the United States, is a professional non-invasive skin tightening, wrinkle removal, and shaping technology. Use HIFU technology to focus high-energy focused ultrasound on a point in a non-invasive manner, and act on the subcutaneous 4.5mmSMAS fascia layer to form a net-like condensation point in the fascia layer to stimulate the regeneration of collagen elastic fibers to reach the layered lifting layer The layer tightening effect restores the elasticity of the skin from the bottom layer, lifts sagging and sagging skin, and solves the problem of aging and sagging more thoroughly. The effect is natural and longer-lasting.

The Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS), referred to as SMAS, refers to a layer of connective tissue film that covers the deep tissues below the dermis and connects fat to the superficial facial muscles. It stretches into tendons and solidifies on the facial bones to participate in support. The integrity of skin, muscles, and bones is the key to cosmetic lifting.

HIFU has the same principle as a convex lens. The light is focused on a single point and heat energy is generated by the convex lens. Similarly, focusing the ultrasonic waves into small spots can raise the temperature high enough to produce thermal freezing points.

The power of the ultrasonic scalpel is that it activates the spontaneous regeneration mechanism of collagen and changes the skin from the inside out. The effect will gradually appear in 3-6 months.

Through the thermal effect, the ultrasonic scalpel can stimulate the contraction and regeneration of subcutaneous collagen or fibrin, and simultaneously achieve significant effects of wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation, firming, shaping, and facial lifting. Ultrasonic scalpel can significantly solve the aging symptoms such as severe facial relaxation and sagging, and simultaneously improve skin texture, realizing naturally youthful face from the inside out.

The information is provided by the HIFU 3D machine manufacturer.