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As the most advanced technology, PDT skin-rejuvenation system uses American original LED photobiology with the purity of 99% light to act on the target skin tissues to raise the activity of cell and improve the metabolism. It is a special technology for transmitting light signal. The LED treatment comes with no thermal effect, no injury and no discomfort on the skin, which is not reachable for traditional skin care products.


Scope of Treatment

Red light: The red light is absorbed selectively by the pigments and blood vessel, which can reach the result of skin rejuvenation, whitening, speckle and vascular removal, scar-reduction and the injured skin recovery.

Blue light: the blue light can inhibit the inflammation, kill acne bacillus so as to eliminate acne on the skin. 

Mixed light: The Mix light of red and blue can improve the microcirculation to irritate the skin fabric so as to generate new collagen and elastic, to reconstruct the dermis collagen fabric structure. The Mix Light could eliminate winkles, lift face and effectively enhance skin elasticity and make your facial skin exquisite and shiny.


Fully Articulating Arm

Preset Programs

No side effects, downtime or pain

Remarkably safe and effective for all skin types

Non-invasive, non-ablative and non-thermal so there’s no injury to the skin surface

No after care is needed

Compatible with other skin rejuvenation techniques

No modification to the treatment room in the doctor's office is required.

No new staff or additional training

Before & After Treatment

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