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  • Antigen Detection Kit
  • Antigen Detection Kit
  • Antigen Detection Kit

Antigen Detection Kit

An antigen detection kit is a rapid diagnostic test suitable for point-of-care testing that directly detects the presence or absence of an antigen.
  • Introduction
  • Application
  • Specification

Detection Principle 

Detection Sample: Throat Swab 

Detection Substance: Novel Coronavirus Nucleocapsid (N) Antigen 

Detection principle: Double Antibody Sandwich Method 

Detection methodology: Fluorescence Immunochromatography Test

Kit  Components

SpecificationPer package
Detection Card

Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Antigen Detection Card

50 tests /100 tests

Virus Preservation  Solution

25 ml/bottle

1 bottle/2 bottles


Antigen Detection Kit

Kit performance advantage

1. Quick and easy: Put throat swab sample into virus preservation solution and extraction (Sample collection should conform to standard) . After extraction, the virus preservation solution is test sample; Sample Input Add 60μL test sample into detection card; Let the detection card standing about 15 minutes in room temperature. Using UV light to obtainFinal Result 

2. Good Specificity: no obvious cross-reaction between N protein of common human infection coronavirus and bat source coronavirus, also no cross-reaction between the kit and influenza a/b virus, measles virus, mumps virus, rubella virus, varicella zoster virus, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc. 

3. High Sensitivity 

4. Short Window Period: Antigen detection is direct evidence of viral infection; New crown pneumonia is also contagious during the incubation period. If new crown potential patients gets the antigen detection, it could have implications for potential patients.;There is a window period for antibody detection. Detection antigen has a high probability to obtain positive results at that time. The results could provide strong evidence for the disease evaluation.

Kit Performance

Antigen Detection Kit

Antigen Detection Kit

Comparing Different Detection Method

Nucleic acids detection

Antigens detection

Antibodies detection

Detection Period

At least 1h



Specificity and  Sensitivity

Good Specificity and  High Sensitivity

Good Specificity, High  Sensitivity

Low specificity,  Low sensitivity

Automation Degree




Operate Difficulty Level

Difficulty and Complex



Appear (Detectable)





Detection Sample

Throat Swab


Specificity:Response false positive rate, good specificity means low false positive rate. 

Sensitivity:Response False negative rate, high Sensitivity means low false negative rate.