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Q-switched laser is good at treating which pigment problems 2?



Freckles are autosomal dominant genetic diseases, which mostly occur in the face and other parts, and have the characteristics of seasonal changes. Q-switched laser technology has a good effect in treating freckles. Some literature believes that when the absorption wavelength of the target pigment is consistent with the emission wavelength of the laser, the target pigment can be selectively destroyed. Yellow-green light at 532 nm was used for the treatment of freckles. The total effective rate reached 98% through follow-up observation. No scar formation was found in all cases.


Tattoos are thought to pierce the pigment into the dermis of human skin, forming a permanent mark on the skin. For the removal of tattoos, surgical removal or postoperative skin grafting, skin abrasion, chemical peeling, freezing, electrocautery, CO2 laser, and other methods are often used in clinical practice, but the effect is not ideal, and scars of varying degrees are often left.

The principle of Q-switched laser removal of tattoos is also to use the selective photothermal effect of lasers to specifically blast the pigment particles and skin pigment lesion cells through a specific laser wavelength, thereby achieving the purpose of removing tattoos.

Q-switched laser treatment of tattoos has the advantages of less pain, less tissue damage, no scarring, fast recovery, high healing rate, and time-saving. The one-time cure rate reaches 44.5% and the total effective rate is 100%. It is currently the ideal method.

Q-switched laser

Q-switched laser freckle advantages

1. Selective treatment: no scar remains after treatment.

2. Short treatment time: The treatment is rapid, and it has no impact on work, life, and learning.

3. No side effects: Anesthesia is not required for surgery, and there are no side effects and sequelae.

4. Efficient and safe: The pigment can expand rapidly under the high energy of the Q-switched laser, blasting and breaking into small particles, which are engulfed by cells and excluded from the body.

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