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Precautions After Facial Laser Surgery


Laser cosmetology can lighten pigmentation, remove dilated small blood vessels, repair light-damaged skin, and improve the appearance of skin through selective heat. It can also activate skin fibroblasts, causing changes in the molecular structure of dermal collagen fibers and elastic fibers, increasing the number, rearranging them, and restoring skin elasticity. Fractional CO2 Laser Equipment Supplier take you to know the precautions after facial laser surgery.

Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Surfacing Equipment

1. After the skin is traumatized, wash the injured surface with cold water in time; if it is scalded, immediately wash the area with a lot of clean cold water to minimize the high-temperature damage to deep tissues to prevent pigmentation.

2. Because infection can cause damage to the deeper layer of the dermis, making the epidermis unable to regenerate, and granulation tissue to fill the defect will form scars, so preventing skin wound infection and preventing infection is the key to avoiding scars on the wound. To prevent infection, chlortetracycline eye ointment can be applied to the cleaned wound. Twice a day until the wound is scabby. Do not disinfect with iodine, as it may cause pigmentation.

3, pay attention to diet, do not drink a lot of alcohol after skin wounds, or ingestion of pepper, mutton, garlic, ginger, coffee and other irritating foods (commonly known as "hair") will promote scar growth; you can eat more fruits, green leafy vegetables, eggs, lean pork, meat skin and other foods rich in vitamins C and E and essential amino acids in the human body will help the skin to return to normal as soon as possible without causing pigmentation.

4. The skin will be itchy after the skin is scabbed naturally. At this time, it is not urgent, and it is not allowed to be artificially peeled off. It should be allowed to "melon and peel off", otherwise it will tear the new tissue under the skin and cause permanent pigmentation.

5, protect the tender skin, the red tender skin after the peeling of the skin, can not be covered with any cosmetics, vitamin A, D pills or vitamin E pills can be used to protect the skin, making it soft and moisturized. Use non-irritating cosmetics after half a month. Avoid color discoloration caused by exposure within 3 months.

6, medication treatment if the face after trauma pigmentation, you can take vitamin C, 100 mg each time; vitamin E, 100 mg each time. Serving 3 times a day for 1-2 months can reduce pigmentation and promote recovery.

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