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The Principle and Characteristics of Oxygen Revive Skin


Oxygen revive skin uses strong pressure to penetrate oxygen and water through skin pores and skin cracks, from the epidermis to the dermis. On the one hand, it stimulates the regeneration of collagen fiber tissue, on the other hand, it can directly accelerate the oxygen supply for the skin and promote the metabolism of cells.

Oxygen revives effect: water replenishment, oxygen replenishment, removing dull yellow skin, and rejuvenating skin.

In addition to skin hydration and skin rejuvenation, oxygen revives also have the functions of cleansing pores, anti-inflammatory, and improving skin texture.

Oxygen revives can completely remove the deep dirt in the pores, so that pure oxygen molecules can maximize their bactericidal effects, such as anaerobic Propionibacterium acnes and other harmful bacteria.

At the same time, it can also play an anti-inflammatory effect and has good clinical effects on purifying the metabolic environment of skin tissues and removing acne.

Oxygen Revive

Features of Oxygen Revive Skin

1. The most direct

Directly to the bottom of the skin, completely open the dermal circulation path.

The cosmetics and other nutrients we usually use can only reach the epidermis, not the dermis at all.

Oxygen revive skin, from the epidermis layer to the dermis layer, quickly and directly provide sufficient nutrition to the skin.

At the same time, it removes wastes in the deeper epidermal layer, fundamentally improves skin circulation problems, blockage of absorption pathways, and other problems, and achieves the purpose of deep nutrient supply.

2. The most effective

Oxygen revive= n times of ordinary care.

Oxygen therapy is the healthiest beauty therapy.

Scientific discovery: When a person reaches middle age, the amount of oxygen in the fat of the epidermis is only half of that of the young. If oxygen can be directly injected into the bottom of the skin, it will effectively increase the vitality of cells and promote metabolism.

3. The most advanced

Chinese and foreign technology, tailor-made beauty.

According to the characteristics and needs of different skin types, with the introduction of skin quality improvement and adjustment, you can enjoy the high-end, effective, and safe secret weapon-oxygen revive instrument.

How Often Do Oxygen Revive

Oxygen revive beauty can be done once a month.

Because the main function of oxygen revives is to replenish skin moisture, and the skin also has the ability to self-moisturize, and the girls usually do some hydrating and moisturizing care work, so oxygen revive does not need to be done too frequently.

Doing an oxygen revive skin can maintain the effect for one month. For fairies who want to improve their skin texture, it is enough to do oxygen revive skin once a month.

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