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Does Oxygen Revive Do Any Harm on Cuticle?


The main purpose of doing oxygen revive treatment is to promote a certain whitening effect on the skin.

However, as with fruit acid peeling, it will cause certain damage to the cutin, mainly because the strong pressure itself will cause certain irritation to the skin, and this method will thoroughly clean the skin.

It has a sterilization effect on the skin and also stimulates the skin. Although it can promote the skin to better absorb nutrients, it will actually cause certain damage to the sebum layer of the skin.

What Skin Type Is Suitable for Oxygen Activating Skin

Because of the oxygen activation method, the skin has a good improvement effect.

Not all friends can't use it. For oily skin with the serious blockage, you can actually use it to promote effective improvement.

For dry skin, it is recommended to use it appropriately to promote improvement, as long as it is not excessively used regularly, it will not damage the stratum corneum.

Oxygen Revive

How Long Can the Oxygen Activating Skin Last?

The water-oxygen activating skin can last for about 1 year, and the shiny skin is a manifestation of vitality.

It conveys to people the aesthetic information of physical and mental health.

Soft skin not only reflects the delicate beauty of women but also a sign of good skin metabolism.

The dermis of the skin has elastic fibers and collagen fibers, and the subcutaneous tissues are rich in fat, which makes the skin elastic to a certain extent. The smooth, smooth, tough, tender, and tensed skin show the moderate moisture content and fat content of the skin, and the blood circulation is good, showing the attractive charm.

Choosing pure oxygen to promote skin metabolism is mainly a manifestation of metabolism.

In clinical practice, the protective conditions for a local skin function are relatively good, and the effect is relatively ideal. Therefore, there is no need to go too much. It can only be said that the current damage to the skin is relatively light unless it is Skin damage can only be caused by improper operation.

After finishing the water-oxygen revive, girls have to use another cream with water-locking and moisturizing function. This is because the water-oxygen revive only uses the instrument to spray a high-speed gas mixture so that the skin can obtain sufficient oxygen and moisture.

However, these gas mixtures do not contain ingredients that can lock water and moisturize. If you do not apply lotion or lock water on your face in time after the treatment is completed, the skin may dry out faster.

In order to maintain the effect of oxygen revive for a long time, it is best for women to use lotions and creams with better moisturizing effects after the treatment of oxygen revive.

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