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Angela Call Angela Call Job Title: Laser technician From: Switzerland

We have been using Razorlase for over 5 years. The device has been our bread and butter workingI at least 10 hours a day non-stop. I can t thanksincoheren more for making such wonderful product. I look forward to more new technologies from them!

Lala Tran Lala Tran Job Title: Dermatologist From: USA

It is a great experience working with sincoheren group. We visited a few companies in China lastSept., and found sincoheren is one of the most professional ones with doctor team for trainingand clinical studies, which is most Chinese companies lack of. Very good partner!

Naima Mi Tchel Naima Mi Tchel Job Title: Beautician From: Holland

We got the preci-pulse and 3DHIFU from sincoheren at the show in Europe. After using the devices a few months I have been recommending sincoheren to my friends in the beauty industry. Because the devices really work and the service is always there!

Antoinette Herbert Antoinette Herbert Job Title: Sales manager From: Romania

We got precipulse from Sincoheren group in 2015.The device is definitely one of the most powerful ones among all the IPL machines we got from China. Most clients have seen good results from 3-5 treatments. Sincoheren is one of the very few companies in China we trust!

Maria Mitchel Maria Mitchel Job Title: Beautician From: UK

Kuma shape is one of our very first devices for beauty treatments. My clients love the results. That' s how I brought in the nd yag laser, the diode and the PDT LED later on. Trust Sincoheren group. It will actually make a big difference for your business.