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You should do this before undergoing IPL laser hair removal machine treatment

Pulished on Jan. 01, 2022

IPL laser hair removal machine is the perfect solution for your hair problem. Nothing is more irritating than to shave or even worse, wax your unwanted hair every month. Men or women, everyone was fed up with this problem. This is why the IPL hair removal laser machine popularized so quickly. 

Women's hair grows back after threading and plucking. If you shave your body hair, it might regrow at a slower rate, but it will still grow back. IPL laser hair removal machine is your one and only permanent solution.

If you are tired of the routine of visiting the salon every month for hair removal, you should try a professional IPL hair removal machine. IPL laser hair removal machine provides a convenient solution for your hair problem compared to other methods like waxing and plucking. However, you should take certain precautions before undergoing IPL laser hair removal machine treatment.

IPL laser hair removal refers to a method of permanent hair reduction in which a special laser is used to damage the hair follicle.

There are many potential benefits of an IPL hair removal laser machine. It can make you save more time by eliminating the need for shaving or waxing. It also has been shown to reduce stress and increase self-confidence. Unfortunately, it does require some preparation before your treatment.

There are a few things you need to remember before going into laser treatment. With proper preparation, you can achieve the best possible results and ensure that your hair removal won't need much work in the future. Following are the recommendations by IPL machine manufacturers to achieve the best possible results.

You should do this before undergoing IPL laser hair removal machine treatment

Stop waxing:

IPL hair removal laser machine that directly targets the follicle does not necessarily require hair roots for absorption. However, you should avoid other treatments like waxing and epilating that remove the hair at its root because this could prevent laser energy from reaching the hair follicles.

The professional IPL hair removal machine doesn't work on empty-shaft hair. This is a problem that causes many people to fail at laser hair removal. Shaving is found to be perfectly safe & normal. There are no bad side effects either. It may be recommended to shave before laser treatment, as it will be more comfortable for you and your technician to treat the area.

Do not treat sensitive areas

The skin of the genitals is usually darker and IPL machine manufacturers advise against laser treatments on such sensitive areas.

Avoid sun exposure

It's important to keep the treated area out of the sun for 2 weeks before and after your professional IPL hair removal machine appointment. This includes both tanning beds and self-tanners. Tanning bed use may lead to skin discoloration after your laser treatment, and a sunburn can cause excessive pain or blistering. Most laser professionals won't treat a client with a minor sunburn. So you should either cover the area while heading out or use sunblock.

The thickness of hair

Your hair thickness may affect how well the IPL laser hair removal machine works for your hair. Most people see results quicker with more thick, dense hair. Thicker, denser hair is comprised of more surface area and therefore absorbs laser better than thin or sparse hair.

Different people experience different results. We are all unique, and there are so many factors that will determine what sort of results a person will get out of IPL laser hair removal machine treatment. For example, the size and shape of a person's hair follicles, the actual color of the hair at the root versus the tip, et cetera, are just a few factors that determine how soon a person will see results.

Check your skin tone

IPL hair removal laser machine is only effective if you have black or dark-colored hair as it targets the melanin in your hair follicles. The laser does not work if you have gray, light, or red hair. Further, if you are dark-skinned, then your skin is capable of absorbing too much energy. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist about the color of your hair and skin. If you can’t wait that long, you can leave Sincoheren a message and we will help you out. Some people have light leg hair, but dark bikini-line hair. So look carefully before you leap.

A person's success with an IPL laser hair removal machine depends largely on the color of his or her hair and skin, as well as the area he or she wishes to target.

Check your medications

You must inform your aesthetician about all of the medications you are taking before undergoing IPL laser hair removal machine treatment. Some medications can interact with laser treatments, making them less effective. Other medications can interact with laser treatments in a way that makes your skin more sensitive to burning or blistering. 

You should inform your aesthetician if you are on some kind of medications like birth control pills, antibiotics or photosensitizing drugs like those used to treat psoriasis. You do not have to stop taking these medications but your laser technician will be able to adjust the intensity accordingly. Additionally, if you start taking any new medications, be sure to let them know before your next appointment.

You should do this before undergoing IPL laser hair removal machine treatment

Remove makeup or creams

Before each professional IPL hair removal machine treatment, all topically applied fragrances and products must be removed from the area. This includes ointments, lotions, makeup, deodorant or any other chemical-containing substance. All you have to do is use soap and water to wash the target skin. If you are using makeup remover, make sure to rinse the area with water afterward.

Have patience

IPL laser hair removal machine has become very popular in recent years. Before beginning any laser hair removal treatment, it is wise to consult a professional and determine if the procedure is appropriate for your skin type, hair color, and the area of skin you wish to have treated.

So don’t just jump into it. Do your homework and be 100% sure that the IPL hair removal laser machine is the perfect fit for you.