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Why do you need to ditch chemical peel and opt for a hydrodermabrasion machine

Pulished on Jan. 03, 2022

Hydrodermabrasion machine is a popular method of removing dead cells from the skin, preventing aging. It has fewer side effects & is quick to recover from compared with more costly options like surgery. A chemical peel is another option quite similar to hydrodermabrasion and requires the usage of chemicals on the skin.

Hydrodermabrasion machine is believed to be most useful for treating fine lines, sun spots, and acne damage. It does not create dramatic or permanent changes in a person's skin like some invasive treatments. It is important to note the results are subtle and not as noticeable as those changes brought on by other treatments such as laser rejuvenation.

With hydrodermabrasion machine, the treatment can be done anywhere on your body. This means you're not restricted to doing it on your face only. However, these devices are mostly used for facial treatments.

Why do you need to ditch chemical peel and opt for a hydrodermabrasion machine

What is hydrodermabrasion machine:

Hydrodermabrasion machines can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and scarring. If you have any problematic skin on your hands, feet, or ears, a full-body hydrodermabrasion treatment is an effective way to combat that issue.

Skin regeneration is usually a time-consuming process. You'll need to go through hydrotherapy facial machine treatments every 2-4 weeks to experience significant improvement. You will typically need 6-12 treatments to achieve great results.

There is no universal time duration for getting results with a hydrodermabrasion machine. Some people may find that once a monthly treatment will be enough for the improvements they need, while others may need to opt for the treatments on a weekly basis. It will also depend on how sensitive and tolerant of treatment your skin is.

Many people start their treatments every week for the first three weeks and then switch to a monthly schedule for maintenance purposes.

Hydrodermabrasion or chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a process that uses chemicals to remove the top layers of skin and expose new skin below. This allows for smoother, fresher-looking skin. hydrodermabrasion uses a water jet to exfoliate the top layer of the skin and reveal cleaner, smoother new skin. Let's explore what sets the hydrodermabrasion machines apart from chemical peels. These devices are quite different with both of them having their own respective advantages!

Hydrodermabrasion facial machine removes the skin's top layer of cells, allowing for a smoother surface. It also removes dead skin cells and debris from the surface of your skin. This naturally improves the appearance of sun-damaged, dry, or dull skin. Chemical peels are designed to be harsh and will typically contain a number of different acids that help to disintegrate layers of damaged epidermis cells. There is no washing off debris here,

Chemical peels and hydrodermabrasion both exfoliate your skin, revealing smooth new layers and helping to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrodermabrasion can also effectively control superficial skin imperfections.

Chemical peels are somewhat effective for skin issues, such as deep wrinkles and scars. They can diminish uneven skin tones and age spots too. Chemical peels are used to remove the outer layers of the skin and help with peeling, redness, and sensitivity.

These procedures are also available over-the-counter, but the professionally applied ones tend to be a little more effective. Both are also available as in-office treatments and require about half an hour of treatment time.

Chemical peels are available in at least three strengths i.e mild, medium and deep. Chemical peel side effects can be severe, such as redness and burning. The best way to keep this minimum is to apply the chemical peel in moderation and perform a skin detox appropriately.

In comparison, hydrodermabrasion is a very safe procedure. It involves using a small machine to remove the outer layer of skin, which creates the appearance of smooth, younger skin. Side effects are usually mild and may include redness or stinging.

Chemical peels are more expensive, and recovery times for the skin can also be more extensive. Hydrodermabrasion has fewer side effects than chemical peels, and this is the main reason why it is a popular option among skincare enthusiasts.

However, be sure to remove any form of makeup before opting for hydrotherapy facial machine treatment. Cosmetic chemicals and hydrodermabrasion machines don’t go well with each other. This devastating combo can aggravate your situation more and make your acne sensitivity even worse. Beauty machine manufacturers advise seeing a dermatologist for an expert opinion on the best deal with your skin before opting for any chemical treatment.

Why do you need to ditch chemical peel and opt for a hydrodermabrasion machine

Limitations of hydrodermabrasion machine:

Hydrodermabrasion machine is not a one-size-fits-all treatment or a miracle cure. It can perform some miraculous treatments such as helping people with wrinkles, but it is important to set realistic treatment expectations.

Hydrodermabrasion alone is not an effective acne scar treatment and shouldn't be used to solve your acne scars. It doesn't help with keloids, hypertrophic, or ice pick scars, so see a facial plastic surgeon if you have these types of scars.

Hydrodermabrasion facial machine is a cosmetic treatment that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and age spots, but it doesn't tighten sagging skin or treat deep wrinkles. These issues need to be addressed by a professional like a dermatologist.

The benefits you experience from hydrodermabrasion depend on how many treatments you make and how often. You can expect a good improvement in your skin's texture with the first treatment up to achieving your desired result after a few sessions.

However, just make sure that your technician is using a high-quality hydrodermabrasion facial machine and you are not putting your face at risk. If you are interested in this treatment but are feeling confused, don’t feel alone! Most of the first-timers find it hard to believe that someone can reverse aging so easily. However, every beauty machine manufacturer can give you hundreds of examples of successful case studies. If you are feeling confused, you can always leave us a message. We are in this together!