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Which weight loss machine serves well for slimming

Pulished on Jan. 10, 2022

The most effective, cost-effective, and immediate method for weight loss in medical beauty is liposuction! All non-invasive lipolysis methods are weak in the face of liposuction machine. On the below are intro to some non-invasive weight loss machines from medical beauty equipment manufacturers.


1) Hifu slimming machine belongs to ultrasonic lipolysis machine. It uses the cavitation effect produced by low-energy ultrasonic focusing to cause selective destruction of fat cell membranes, while the surrounding structures are not affected. The destroyed cells are phagocytosed by macrophages to achieve fat reduction. Effect. Simply put, it uses ultrasound to shock fat cells to death. The biggest advantage of hifu slimming machine is that it is safe and comfortable. There is no need to apply anesthesia and there is no recovery period. During the treatment, there will be occasional pain and warm feeling. After the treatment of hifu slimming machine, there may be slight reactions such as skin numbness, which will disappear within a few hours;

2) After the Hifu ultrasound machine treatment in a beauty center, you can see the effect immediately, and the effect will gradually become more obvious after 2 weeks;

3) Hifu ultrasound machine is not easy to rebound. Because the number of fat cells does not change in adulthood, only the volume of fat cells will change. The hifu slimming machine can directly break fat cells and reduce the number of fat cells. Therefore, if you stop eating and drinking to make fat cells bigger after treatment, then the effect has been maintained.

Shortcoming of hifu slimming machines

The biggest disadvantage is that the effect is too weak. Only one hifu equipment treatment can reduce the fat by more than ten percent. It is not very obvious in appearance. To see the effect, you need to do it 3 times or more, which is a lot of money.

High intensity focused ultrasound machine also belongs to ultrasonic lipolysis. Different from the other slimming machines, which crushes fat cells, the hifu machine focuses high-intensity ultrasonic waves 1.3cm below the skin, destroying fat cells through mechanical and thermal effects. Simply put, it uses high temperature to heat fat cells to death. Its principle of action is the same as that of an ultrasonic knife. Focusing the ultrasound on the fascia layer is an ultrasonic knife, and focusing on the fat layer is a hifu machine. Since the hifu machine has a fixed depth of focus, there are certain requirements for the fat thickness of the subject to be treated. Before the treatment, it must be evaluated by a doctor, and only after passing the treatment can the treatment be performed.

Compared with other iposuction machine, the high intensity focused ultrasound machine is less painful and safer. It can be done right away, and there is no recovery period; because the number of fat cells does not change after adulthood, only the volume of fat cells will change, and the hifu machine can directly destroy it. Fat cells, reduce the number of fat cells, so after medical hifu machine treatment, if you stop eating and drinking to expand fat cells, the effect can be maintained. In addition, the best results need to be seen after 3 months. The fat reduction effect varies from person to person. Most people need to do it 2, 3 times or more to achieve a satisfactory level.

Cavitation rf slimming machine

Many people think that cavitation rf slimming machine can kill fat cells through high temperature like hifu machine, but it can't! Because fat cells have low water content, they cannot reach lethal temperatures. But when the skin temperature rises, the body releases stress hormones. These hormones travel through the bloodstream, attach to specific receptors on fat cell membranes and activate lipase activity. Lipases break down triglycerides into free fatty acids. Free fatty acids then leave the fat cells through the bloodstream, thereby reducing the size of the fat cells. Simply put, cavitation body sculpting machine cannot kill fat cells, but can only stimulate fat metabolism through heat. However, the cavitation body sculpting machine has additional benefits. Cavitation body sculpting machine has a very good lifting and firming effect.

Since the cavitation body sculpting machine does not have enough depth (it can only act on the adjacent fat cells in the dermis), and it cannot reduce the number of fat cells, the fat reduction effect of the cavitation rf slimming machine is very poor. But it also has its advantages. Minor heat damage stimulates new collagen regeneration, so it can visibly firm and remove cellulite after multiple treatments.

Advantage of rf cavitation slimming machine

The first advantage is comfort and safety. There is no feeling or slight pain during the treatment. There may be slight erythema or edema after the operation, but it can be recovered quickly.

The second advantage is that more frequent multiple treatments can be performed. You can even do a weekly cavitation rf slimming machine treatment if you keep your strength and wallet under control.

The third advantage is also mentioned above. After multiple treatments, it can achieve the effect of significantly tightening the skin and removing cellulite. In addition to firming, cavitation body sculpting machine also helps in the recovery of private parts

Shortcoming of rf cavitation slimming machine

If you are rushing to lose fat, then don't choose radio frequency. The cavitation body sculpting machine has poor fat-reducing effect not only is it easy to rebound, but also the cost is quite considerable.

Cryolipolysis equipment:

Fat cells have less water content, and cavitation body sculpting machine cannot heat-dead fat cells. As the name suggests, the most abundant fat cell is fat, of course, what is fat afraid of? Afraid of the cold! Butter that turns into water in the palm of your hand will solidify after a while in the refrigerator. Studies have shown that low temperature can cause lipid ice crystals to form in fat cells to destroy fat cells. The destroyed fat cells can induce an inflammatory response and summon macrophages to metabolize dead cells. It takes 60-90 days from the occurrence of inflammation to subsidence, so it takes 2 or 3 months to see the final effect when doing cryolipolysis machine.

There are many research articles on cryo-lipolysis machine, and it has the most and the best clinical data among all non-invasive lipolysis. According to the data provided by the cryolipolysis machine manufacturer, a single treatment can reduce fat by an average of 20-25%. To achieve the same effect, the hifu slimming machine needs to be done 3 times. The FDA-approved cryolipolysis machine has 9 operating parts including abdomen, thigh, arm, and chin, and the operation time for each part is 30-45 minutes. Most people spend the rest of the operation time watching TV and swiping their mobile phones, except for the first 5 minutes of being a little cold and shivering. The uncomfortable part is the 2 minutes after finishing the instrument and then performing manual massage, sour. The feeling of coolness is comparable to that of caesarean section pressing the stomach! However, since massage can increase the effect by 60%, you have to grit your teeth and hold on no matter how painful it is!

Advantage of fat freezing machine treatment

The first advantage is that compared with liposuction, the FDA-approved cryolipolysis machine is less painful and safe, and it can be done right away without a recovery period;

The second advantage is that the effect is relatively good and it is not easy to rebound. Multifunction cryolipolysis machine can directly destroy fat cells and reduce the number of fat cells, so after treatment, if you don’t eat or drink to make fat cells bigger, the effect can be maintained all the time; the first 5 minutes of cryo machine for fat freezing operation will be cold Shaking, and the massage afterwards was also very painful. Some people will have 1-2 weeks of pain during the recovery period. There is a 0.025% chance of paradoxical lipodysplasia.

In addition, the best results need to be seen after 2 or 3 months, and the waiting time is longer.

1. The multifunction cryolipolysis machine is the best non-invasive fat-dissolving technology;

2. The effect of hifu slimming machine and hifu machine can be seen immediately;

3. Hifu slimming machine and RF comfort are the best;

4. The cavitation body sculpting machine is more suitable for treating sagging skin and cellulite;

5. Fat-dissolving needles have large side effects and low safety.