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Which is better? hospital hair removal equipment or home hair removal device

Pulished on Mar. 22, 2022

There are many brands of home hair removal devices on the market, and the prices are also uneven, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. If you choose the right product, hair removal will have a certain effect, but you still need to adjust your expectations, because it is a household product. It is said that in order to ensure that every consumer can use the product safely, its energy regulation is generally relatively low. This low energy does not mean that it is completely useless, but compared with medical beauty laser hair removal, it is not a permanent hair removal. The hair will grow out gradually after not using it for a long time.

The wavelength of professional laser hair removal equipment is a single and high-energy light, the effect is better, and it is permanent hair removal.

The treatment target is locked on the melanin in the hair shaft and the hair sheath, and most hair follicles will be destroyed. After half a year to a year of treatment, most hair will not grow again after a few years, although there is no guarantee that it will achieve permanent hair loss. degree, but the amount of hair that grows back will be less, softer, and lighter in color.

Professional laser hair removal equipment requires the operation of professional technicians. Improper operation may cause blisters, discoloration, obvious pain, etc., so be sure to go to a regular medical beauty institution. In addition, because the thermal damage energy of laser hair removal is only limited to the target tissue, that is to say, it only acts on the hair follicles of melanin and will not cause damage to the surrounding tissue, so its safety can be guaranteed.

Which is better, hospital hair removal equipment or home hair removal device

The traditional hair removal method always has some small shortcomings that are not satisfactory. Even the home hair removal device with all kinds of tricks is not cheap, and the effect is far away. Therefore, it is recommended that if you want to achieve a longer duration. For the long-term hair removal effect, it is better to choose a professional medical and beauty institution for hair removal. The current laser hair removal technology is relatively mature and relatively safe. It should be noted that the laser hair removal effect is very good, but it does not immediately achieve "hairless". "State, generally need multiple hair removal to have better results.

You must know that the principle of the equipment used in hospitals and beauty salons is the same as that of the home hair removal device, but the wavelength and energy density are different. The result is to inhibit hair growth, but it is only the length of time. There is no permanent hair removal method. Fooled!

No matter what kind of hair removal method is used, it must be used continuously, but it will be used less and less in the later period, and the time that can be maintained will be longer and longer, so as to achieve the purpose of "long-term" hair removal!

At present, the most common hair removal technique in medical beauty institutions and tertiary hospitals is laser hair removal. The more common hair removal lasers on the market are semiconductor 810nm laser and 755nm medical laser hair removal equipment.

Clinical studies have found that among all types of laser hair removal equipment, medical laser hair removal equipment is an exceptionally perfect method for hair removal. The wavelength of 755nm generated by medical laser hair removal equipment is the best absorption wavelength for melanin in hair follicles, which can directly act on melanocytes in hair follicles and has a strong ability to remove hair. It can not only completely remove the hair on regular parts of the body, such as arms, legs, and underarms, but also has a prominent effect on removing small, light-colored hairs, such as lip hair, facial hair, and regenerated hair after repeated hair removal.


1. It has the advantages of all new hair removal, traditional freezing point hair removal and semiconductor laser hair removal, and fully surpasses freezing point hair removal.

2. 755nm laser hair removal gold standard, 16mm circular super large spot increases the hair removal speed to 3 to 4 times the previous, not only makes large area hair removal easy and simple, but also reduces hair removal time and treatment times, only 2-3 times, The freezing point hair removal usually takes about 5 times.

3. Medical laser hair removal equipment can effectively treat hirsutism without pigmentation and scabbing.

4. Effectively treat pigmented skin diseases, with small damage, light pain, quick recovery and no side effects.

5, in addition to thick hair, thoroughly clean.

6. The 755nm long pulse is the best absorption wavelength of melanin in the hair follicle, which directly acts on the melanocytes in the hair follicle. It has super hair loss ability and is especially suitable for thick hair.

7. Eliminate large areas of hair, easy, convenient and efficient.

8. Large spot and high speed shorten the treatment time by 4-5 times. It takes ten minutes to remove large areas of hair, and 3-5 minutes to remove small areas of hair, especially suitable for large areas of hair removal.

9. Super comfortable hair removal, painless ice feeling

10. Safer, the unique US patented skin cooling system avoids epidermal burns and makes the hair removal process more convenient and comfortable.

11. Skin rejuvenation upgrade, no worries. While removing hair, it can also shrink pores and promote the regeneration of skin collagen. There is no need to worry about the problem of large pores and dry skin after hair removal.