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What types of weight loss machines are available in cryo freeze machines

Pulished on Mar. 16, 2022

When it comes to body sculpting, the first thing that comes to our mind is to eat less and exercise more. However, as we age, our body’s metabolism becomes slower, and we no longer lose weight as quickly as we did when we were young. When I have large pieces of fat, I have to do medical slimming.

The most common and traditional method of liposuction is liposuction. However, liposuction is an invasive procedure. If there is a wound, it will cause pain, redness, swelling and bruises. What should I do if I want to be slim but don’t want to endure the pain? You can choose the popular non-invasive body sculpting and beauty equipment.

At present, there are various slimming projects in the medical beauty market. Among them, there are five non-invasive body sculptors certified by authoritative organizations (US FDA, EU CE certification), namely cryolipolysis equipment (LipoContrast), Cryolipolysis machine, German cryo freeze machine and UltraShape. , Liposonix, all five are non-invasive and woundless body sculpting beauty instruments.

The first three are cryo freeze machines, and the last two are thermal fat-dissolving machines. Thermal lipolysis mainly uses pulsed focused ultrasound to mechanically (non-thermally) and specifically destroy subcutaneous fat cells in designated parts, without destroying skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues, and immediately dissolve fat, which will increase the metabolic burden of the liver. The pain is obvious during the operation, and the customer experience is not high.

What types of weight loss machines are available in cryo freeze machines

Here are mainly three instruments of cryo freeze machines:

The basic working principles of Spanish cryolipolysis equipment, American cool plastic and German cryo freeze machine are similar, because adipocytes in subcutaneous tissue are rich in fatty acids and are particularly sensitive to low temperature, while adjacent tissue cells—vascular cells, peripheral nerve cells, melanocytes, Fibrocytes or fat cells with insufficient fat have low sensitivity to low temperature, this difference determines that at a specific low temperature (0-10°), fat cells will be inactivated while other tissue cells have no effect, thus realizing cryo freeze machine Effect.

The Cryo freeze machine is a promising non-surgical method for fat loss and shaping; and presents a compelling alternative to liposuction and other more invasive methods. This method is safe in the short term, has few side effects, and has a significant fat reduction effect when used for local obesity.

The difference between these three frozen mesoplastics is that CoolSculpting uses low temperature to instantly crystallize fat cells, and starts the lysis process a few days after treatment. Reuse the body's natural metabolism of apoptotic fat to achieve the purpose of sculpting the body. One course of treatment can eliminate more than 25% of fat.

The cryolipolysis equipment uses a triple temperature of heat-cold-heat to activate fat cells, then instantly accelerate crystallization, and then heat again to promote the metabolism of crystalline fat cells. It causes some fats to be instantly lysed, and other fats to be eliminated by apoptosis within 2-3 weeks. One course of treatment eliminates more than 35-45% of fat. Compared with the cryo-freeze machine, the curative effect is enhanced by 40%. The fat-dissolving principle is also more advanced, the temperature control is more precise, and the curative effect is more obvious. The cryolipolysis equipment has different sizes of treatment handles, which are suitable for multiple local fat reduction (including fibrous fat), and a single treatment usually takes about 60 minutes. After the treatment, the patient can do normal activities immediately without any discomfort. After the treatment, there is usually some redness and numbness in the treatment area, which will basically subside within a few hours after the operation. In exceptional cases, there may be slight redness, which usually disappears within a few days.

The cryo freeze machine Lipo system targets adipose tissue and freezes it in a temperature-controlled environment over an extended period of time (usually an hour). It is non-invasive and can permanently reduce excess fat. It is one of the latest body sculpting technologies. Compared with the first two, the German cryo freeze machine is more comfortable and safer. The German cryo freeze machine only destroys fat without harming the target freezing of other tissues, and generates mechanical waves with a similar resonance frequency to the fat cell membrane, which shatters the fat cell membrane without harming other tissues. In addition, the successful combination of cryo freeze machine, radio frequency, ultrasound therapy and soft laser, in order to avoid skin damage, requires a special gauze pad to be placed on the treatment site. After cryo freeze machine, intensive painless shock wave treatment can not only better ensure the effect of fat disappearance and prevent postoperative unevenness, but also stimulate lymphatic drainage and firm the skin.

The results of the study showed that using shockwave therapy directly after the cryo freeze machine, followed by weekly shockwave therapy for the following four weeks, doubled fat loss. The percentage of fat loss with/without vibratory wave therapy was significant over 8 weeks. In addition to the improvement in fat loss, it also improves skin firmness.

Cryo freeze machine is especially suitable for locally obese patients. The ideal candidate is not the whole body obesity, but one who is willing to reduce local concentrated fat such as abdomen, flank, waist, arms and buttocks, according to the thickness of fat and the desired effect, Usually 1 to 3 courses are required (waiting at least 30 days between courses). The effect of cryo freeze machine is limited once. According to the thickness of body fat, it is recommended that customers do 2-3 times in a course of treatment, which can eliminate more than 25-45% of fat. Although the efficiency is slightly worse than that of liposuction, the experience is indeed a world of difference.

The cryo freeze machine experience is almost the same as life care. That is, in about 2 hours in the hospital, you can really get rid of those stubborn fat, and it will not have any impact on your life, work and social life after being discharged from the hospital. In terms of experience alone, it is similar to going to a beauty salon for a massage treatment. Therefore, cryo freeze machine can be regarded as a good news for those who neither want to exercise hard nor make up their mind to do liposuction.