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What is hifu machine beauty

Pulished on Mar. 31, 2022

Hifu machine can effectively improve wrinkles, facial sagging and sagging under normal circumstances, making the whole person look younger and more energetic. It will use super-intense focused ultrasound to directly act on the parts that need to be improved to generate thermal effects, stimulate collagen regeneration, and stimulate the skin's self-repairing function. Take care of yourself after surgery and put on a parasol when you go out.

Hifu machine uses sound wave conduction to release high heat (65-70 degrees Celsius) to transmit sound waves to the dermis and fascia layers of the skin. It oscillates at a high speed, and the skin is damaged as the temperature rises. It relies on the skin's own repair ability to generate new cells, which can On the whole, it has the effect of lifting the skin, which belongs to the non-invasive facelift. Plastic Maggi (reaches the dermis layer, works on the skin around the eyes) and U Maggi (reaches deep into the fascia layer, significantly improves the skin texture of the neck and face)

What is hifu machine beauty

The essence of hifu machine is to produce tiny trauma to the subcutaneous fascia layer and stimulate the mechanism of tissue self-repair. It is a process of "destruction to reconstruction". (1. Cell thermal damage 2. Accumulate self-energy to repair 3. Generate new cells.)

Doing a hifu machine is just an aid. The most important thing is its own repair function. After the hifu machine operation, you can see the effect of 20%-30%. After 1 to 3 months, the effect will gradually improve. Generally speaking, after a hifu machine, the facial muscles will be slightly lifted, and the contrast in the photo is obvious. After one month, the feeling of firming and lifting is enhanced. After three months, the facial muscles are more significantly lifted and the skin quality is improved. The skin around the eyes is improved. Lift the feeling of unfolding. It lasts for a long time (2-5 years), but there are also people who are not suitable for it: real wrinkles, severe sagging, loose and bloated skin, too thick subcutaneous fat, too old people, etc. Because hifu machine beauty is a non-invasive treatment, it does not damage the epidermis, and uses thermal energy to cause micro-damage to the skin to initiate a self-healing response.

The skin of the human body will age with the passage of time. In addition to the aging of the epidermis, the muscle sagging caused by the relaxation of the fascia and ligaments is a deeper cause: the relaxation of the SMAS superficial aponeurotic system. It is a connective tissue film that covers the deep tissue under the dermis and connects the fat subcutaneous tissue to the superficial muscle. It is tightly connected with the skin (epidermal, dermis) and subcutaneous tissue (fat) to form the facial contour and supports the integrity of the skin, muscles and bones. With the growth of age, the amount of collagen in the SMAS layer gradually decreases, causing the facial muscles to sag and sag, the nasolabial folds to deepen, and even the brow shape to bulge, and the signs of aging begin to appear.

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) high-energy focused hifu machine from Korea is a non-invasive (non-invasive) ultrasound technology that directly acts on the SMAS layer. The high-intensity focused ultrasound technology of HIFU is an ultrasonic surgical technology that emerged in the 1940s. It uses ultrasound as the energy source, and uses its penetrating and focusable type to focus the ultrasound energy emitted by the ultrasound on the SMAS layer of the human body. A focal area with high sound intensity is formed in the SMAS, which can penetrate into the subcutaneous 3.0mm-4.5mm so that the temperature of the SMAS tissue reaches above 65°C within 0.5-1 second (the strongest temperature of all non-invasive skin tightening instruments) Resulting in the reorganization of collagen in the SMAS tissue without damaging the normal tissue outside the focal area, so as to achieve the effect of fascia lifting.

What is Ultrasonic Technology (US)

Ultrasound technology refers to a sound wave with a radio frequency higher than 20,000 Hz that cannot be heard by humans. It can vibrate 20,000-1 billion times per second, which is generally generated by mechanical vibration.

What is the SMAS layer?

Most of the skin-lifting operations performed by plastic surgeons work on the surgical layer, that is, the SMAS layer (superficial muscle fascia system, referred to as the fascia layer). between muscles.

It is mainly used for sagging and sagging skin tissue on the whole face, excessive wrinkles, aging and rough skin, reshape the face curve, and effectively improve the sagging and sagging of the eye area and neck tissue.

1. Facial anti-aging and wrinkle removal: deep wrinkles, folds, forehead lines, nasolabial fold enhancement, lip wrinkles, brow wrinkles, firming neck skin, eliminating double chin, and thin face;

2. Eye wrinkle removal: wrinkles around the eyes, crow's feet at the corners of the eyes, bags under the eyes, tightening the loose skin around the eyes;

3. Whole body anti-aging: Tighten the back, adjust the chest shape, shape the waist and abdomen, shape the buttocks, shape the legs, remove the butterfly sleeves, and repair the mild stretch marks.

What is hifu machine beauty

hifu machine advantage

Safe, non-invasive and non-invasive stimulation of deep collagen and elastic fiber hyperplasia. hifu high energy focusing hifu machine technical parameters

The deepest depth reaches the deep fascia SMAS layer.

High-precision focused ultrasonic positioning, precise operation does not damage surrounding tissues.

One operation does not require multiple operations to achieve a good lifting effect.

After the operation without recovery period, you can show up beautifully without affecting your work and life at all.

The only lifting The US FDA is the only skin tightening system that has obtained the indication of "Lifting".

Long-lasting effect can last for more than 3 years with one use.

During the process, the comfort energy acts on the dermis layer, no knife, no wound.

And skin aging is a process. The problem of facial aging is generated from the inside out (the skin structure is from superficial to deep, generally divided into epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, SMAS fascia layer), facial superficial musculoaponeurotic system (referred to as SMAS) aging, internal soft tissue Loss and outer skin sagging and sagging are related to three major factors.

The probe of hifu machine is mainly divided into three main treatment depths: 1.5, 3.0 and 4.5mm, and has different frequency levels 4HMz, 7HMz and different widths. One hifu machine treatment can do 3.0 (up to the dermis), 4.5MM (up to the fascia layer) ), the screen of the machine shows the division of each part and the number of times to be hit. Of course, this varies from person to person. For example, the forehead is full about 25 times, and the left and right cheeks are about 100 times. It depends on the skin of the customer. The condition and long-term clinical experience, and the operation method is handy. If the subcutaneous tissue of a thinner person is thin, it can be seen that the ultrasound focused line reaches the periosteum or subperiostium, and the treatment should be stopped. Huge pain.

The main treatment areas are the face and neck. The red areas cannot be treated with hifu machine, because there are a lot of rich nerves and blood vessels in these areas, which may cause local damage, pain, scabbing, poor results and other problems, and may cause facial paralysis in serious cases. . (There are dental nerves on the upper and lower lips, dizziness and nausea if the temples cannot be touched, the upper and lower eyelids cannot be pierced, and the cheekbones are too thin to pierce)