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What are the commonly used laser hair removal equipment

Pulished on Mar. 28, 2022

 Commonly used laser hair removal equipment for beauty clinics and salons:

Super Freezing Hair Removal

Super Freezing Point TM semiconductor hair removal laser, combined with the classic wavelength of 810nm and the popular wavelength of 755nm, semiconductor laser dual-hand tools can meet the market demand for hair removal.

Equipment principle: Preheating pulse safely heats hair follicles and tissues around hair follicles to -40°C, heating pulse-specific heating hair follicles further increases the temperature of hair follicles to -45-50°C, and maintains fast sliding through IN-Motion at 10Hz laser repetition frequency. After a period of time, it can achieve the effect on hair follicles and damage, and achieve the purpose of removing hair. Contact cooling is used during the treatment, and the whole treatment is comfortable and basically painless.

Freezing point hair removal laser, on the basis of 810nm semiconductor freezing point painless hair removal laser, adds NIR near-infrared skin lightening light wave, which can not only achieve painless and rapid hair removal on the same device, but also painless and rapid shrinkage of the pores of the hair removal site, delicate skin ;The semiconductor laser energy selectively acts on the melanin of the hair follicle, destroying the hair follicle and the growth around the hair follicle in the growth period, thereby removing the hair. NIR infrared light wave adopts near-infrared technology, and selects infrared light wave with a spectral range of 900-1600nm to act on water molecules in the skin. , Because NIR penetrates deeper than visible pulsed light, it can penetrate the epidermis, directly heat the dermis, stimulate the proliferation of collagen, and make the skin firmer.

What are the commonly used laser hair removal equipment

808 laser hair removal equipment is a special equipment for hair removal in beauty salons

Semiconductor laser hair removal equipment is what we call 808 laser hair removal equipment. It uses the principle of selective photothermal for hair removal. There is almost no pain during hair removal. The output laser wavelength is 808nm, which penetrates the skin and reaches the hair follicle. It is converted into heat energy to destroy the hair follicle tissue, so as to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. The 808 laser hair removal device only targets excess hair, does not cause any damage to normal skin, and is safe and non-invasive.

Semiconductor Laser Hair Removal Instrument MT808-1, its working principle is based on selective thermodynamics, the laser power supply is controlled by a microprocessor to provide an adjustable constant current for the laser module, so that the high-power laser diode inside the laser module converts electrical energy into Light energy, the output wavelength is 808nm continuous laser, the effective penetration depth of 808nm wavelength can reach the target target tissue (hair papilla), and the appropriate pulse duration ensures that the target tissue produces enough thermal damage and the surrounding tissue is hardly affected, so that the Hair falls out and loses its ability to regenerate, achieving the purpose of permanent hair removal.

In addition, the freezing point semiconductor laser hair removal device uses a sapphire epidermis cooling system, and the skin has a cool feeling during treatment, which is a real painless permanent hair removal device.

Laser hair removal cannot be done at one time. Different beauty seekers have different times of laser hair removal because of their own physique and hair thickness. Generally, the number of laser hair removal is about 3-5 times. Moreover, laser hair removal usually does not have side effects. If there are side effects, it is that there will be some slight pain during the hair removal process. After all, there is a lot of energy acting on the hair follicles, so it is impossible to not feel pain at all.

What are the commonly used laser hair removal equipment

Laser hair removal equipment treatment

Laser hair removal treatments use laser technology to completely remove or reduce hair on the body. The beauty clinic is equipped with a range of safe and reliable laser equipment to help you easily remove hair and control hair growth.

The beauty clinic will customize the hair removal program according to the specific needs of the customer. Years of experience, dedicated service, and wholeheartedly create one-stop service and high-quality experience for you.

Laser hair removal equipment treatment details

Laser hair removal consultation is the first step for clinic laser hair removal equipment to understand customer needs and target areas. Whether you want to remove hair on the underarms, legs, bikini area, or all of the above areas, experts will first analyze the condition of the target area. , and then develop a comprehensive plan on a case-by-case basis.

There are a total of 6 cycles of treatment, and one cycle is done every 6 to 8 weeks, which can effectively maximize the curative effect. Larger areas, such as the legs and back, require 5 or 6 cycles, every 8 to 12 weeks.

Each treatment cycle takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your skin, hair condition and other details.

To ensure the desired results, specialists in the beauty clinic will use high-efficiency wavelengths to reduce hair regrowth. The lasers in these bands are safe and reliable, with obvious effects, smooth and tender skin, and no longer troubled and embarrassed by hair.


Post-operative care of laser hair removal equipment

At the end of the treatment, the specialist will carefully advise you on the areas you need to pay attention to in post-operative care and analyze the condition of your skin. If skin discomfort occurs, use aloe vera gel or topical medicine provided by the beauty clinic. In some rare cases, the skin may continue to be itchy. In the event of such side effects, please consult a specialist, who will provide an efficient and individualized plan based on your specific situation.

Do not use hair removal agents (including Nair and other hair removal creams) after a hair removal cycle to ensure the effectiveness of subsequent laser treatments.

In the meantime, apply sunscreen to the surface of your skin while keeping an eye on your creeping health. Do not sunbathe or use a tanning machine.


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Equipment

The laser hair removal treatment in the beauty clinic has excellent and stable effects, and can effectively remove the hair in the target area, allowing you to "sun" for smooth, smooth and tender skin. In the long run, the cost of laser hair removal is also much lower than the cost of buying hair removal creams, razors and other hair removal tools, and compared to tools, the effect of laser hair removal can be maintained for a long time.

Recent studies have shown that laser hair removal can effectively suppress ingrown hairs and ensure that annoying "little bumps" do not appear after the treatment.

Laser hair removal can reduce the trouble of hair in your target area, safely remove unwanted body hair, and say goodbye to inefficient and repeated hair removal methods and tools.