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The principle of air blast fat weight loss equipment

Pulished on Jun. 09, 2022

The air blasting fat weight loss device is a kind of radio frequency technology. It uses a capacitively coupled electrode to transmit radio energy, which acts on the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Under the high frequency conversion of 2450Mhz, the electromagnetic field changes its polarity every second. (positive and negative) 2.45 billion times. When in use, the polar water molecules inside and outside the cells generate high-speed rotational vibration, thereby heating the tissue. The increase in temperature promotes the catabolism of subcutaneous fat, stimulates the proliferation and reorganization of collagen and elastic fibers, and achieves firming, anti-aging, and weight loss. shape effect.

The effect of airburst fat loss equipment:

We all know that most weight loss devices either have a weight loss effect or a size reduction effect. Today, we will look at a model that can not only reduce weight, but also reduce size at the same time. The weight loss device with size effect is called the double-screen abdominal bag air fat-blasting device.

The principle of air blast fat weight loss equipment

1. Use with the product to have a better weight loss effect.

This instrument does not need to be used with other products, and the instrument alone can achieve good results, but if you add products, it will be even more powerful. The products generally use weight loss cream, weight loss gel, weight loss essential oil and so on.

2. The power supply of the fat-blasting head is larger.

The fat blasting head of the weight loss equipment on the market uses a 300W power supply, and this instrument uses a 600W power supply, so the energy of the heating probe is more uniform and the effect area is larger.

3. The negative pressure probe is equipped with radio frequency technology.

The weight loss instruments produced by other body beauty equipment manufacturers on the market have only the function of negative pressure heating. There are cases of sagging skin, which cannot be achieved by other weight loss machines.

If you want to know whether the weight loss device is reliable, we need to understand the working principle of the air fat blaster and see if its weight loss method is scientific and reasonable. Some air fat blasting instruments are equipped with a vibrating acupuncture stick, which has the functions of vibration and heat. When operating for the customer, use the vibrating acupuncture stick to massage and stimulate the customer's point and other acupoints, which can open the acupoints, The effect of clearing the meridians and opening the blockage, after the client's meridians are cleared, the body's metabolism can be strengthened, which can promote the effect of weight loss. Most of the air fat blasting instruments are also equipped with a meridian brush. The meridian brush has a micro-electric function, which can dredge the body's meridians, expel cold and acid, and improve physical fitness. Massage on the back of the human body through the meridian brush can not only remove back fat. The layers are divided into small areas to promote the fat-dissolving effect, and can also increase the body's metabolic function and promote weight loss. The core accessory of the air fat blaster is the fat-blasting head. It uses high-energy radio frequency fat dissolving technology. The radio frequency energy can heat the fat layer and promote the decomposition of fat in the fat cells into free fatty acids. The free fatty acids will penetrate from the fat cells. to fat cells. There is another important handle of the air fat blaster, that is, the negative pressure head with high temperature negative pressure function. Using the negative pressure head, the free fatty acids can be drained to the lymphatic system and discharged through the lymphatic system circulation to achieve the effect of reducing fat. After the operation of a complete set of procedures of the air fat blaster, the fat in the human body will be metabolized to the body, and because the metabolic function is enhanced, the ability of the human body to metabolize fat is also enhanced, so it can more effectively achieve the effect of reducing fat. From the above introduction, we can see that the reason why the air-tightening device of the beauty salon has a weight loss effect is that it is designed according to scientific principles, and each of its functional handles has a fat-reducing auxiliary fat Metabolic efficacy.